A Natural Smile

If you’re missing a tooth and you want a complete smile once again, then consider dental implants. Although the process takes a few weeks to complete from start to finish, the end result is a tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth. When you meet with a dental implants Chicago dentist, the first steps often include an examination and X-rays. A mold of the mouth could be taken as well if there is more than one tooth missing. Once the implant is placed in the jaw bone, it functions like the root of a natural tooth. When the implant is healed, a crown is placed that will look like a natural tooth.

A Natural Smile

The dentist will examine the jaw to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of bone to hold an implant. Bone grafting is an option if you want to proceed with the implant process and there is not enough bone present. The teeth surrounding the one that is missing must be in healthy condition to support an implant and crown as well. An implant is a small piece of titanium that is placed in the bone. An implant can be placed in the upper or lower part of the mouth. If there is any kind of infection in the mouth, then antibiotics are usually given to treat it before the implant is placed.

An abutment is then placed on top of the implant. This is what will hold the crown in place and connect it to the implant. This part looks like a tooth but is smaller in size. A crown is often made of porcelain. Once the jaw bone is healed, then the crown can be placed. The crown is often colored and shaped to look like the surrounding teeth so that there is a natural appearance when you smile or open the mouth.

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A Natural Smile
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