Viewing The Inside Of Your Body

There are numerous types of radiology scans that your doctor could order. Each of these scans allows your doctor to look inside your body to see if there are any issues to be concerned about. If there are, then the proper treatments can be put into place. For the most part, there isn’t really any specific kind of preparation that you need to do before going to the office of radiology in Toms River NJ. For some scans, your doctor might not want you to eat anything or might want you to drink more water than normal in order to get a better look at your organs.

Viewing The Inside Of Your Body

A CT scan sometimes requires an oral or an IV contrast before the scan is completed. This will allow your doctor to better see if there are any leaks in the vascular system in your body. If any kind of contrast is used, then you usually aren’t able to eat or drink anything for a few hours before the scan. Sometimes, a CT scan is required for a biopsy. In this instance, you shouldn’t eat anything after midnight the night before.

An MRI is a simple scan that requires just about no preparation. You will lie on a table that moves through an enclosed tube. A large machine will circle around you, taking pictures of the inside of your body. Each thin slide allows the doctor to see specific details that an X-ray can’t detect. There is usually a robotic voice that tells you when you need to breathe or when you need to hold your breath. Most MRI scans are over in less than an hour, and you usually get the results back the same day or the next day. Other types of radiology scans include a breast MRI and an ultrasound that is used for diagnostic purposes.

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Viewing The Inside Of Your Body
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