3 Advantages of Filtered Water at Home

If you’ve been questioning whether the time is right to invest in a full home filtration system, you’re not alone. While many Americans enjoy the high quality of filtered water from pitchers or purchases of bottled water, there’s a rising trend in homeowner investments that supply the entire home with filtered water from every tap. A major investment home filtration can be a little pricey, but there are a lot of reasons why the upgrade is worth it. Here are three of the best.

1. Purify All Your Water

Countertop filters and pitchers only purify the drinking water you pour through them, and single-faucet units don’t cover water that goes anywhere else, including the water you bathe in. If you are installing reverse osmosis water Midland County TX to keep your family healthy and protected against environmental contaminants, it makes a lot more sense to purify all your water than it does to have just a couple select sources of pure water. That way, your bathing water, dishwater, and laundry water are also clean.

2. Soften and Filter Water in One System

Reverse osmosis filters for hard water areas incorporate water softening processes because filtering out all the contaminants possible means removing excess mineral deposits, so you only get mineral water if you want it. As a result, you can skip a separate water softener system if you install a reverse osmosis system. If you need to replace an old water softener soon, an upgrade to a home filter system is perfect to handle all your water treatment needs.

3. Simplify Filter Maintenance

Generally speaking, the smaller the water filter the sooner it needs to be replaced, especially if you have a whole family drinking from it. That’s why pitchers need new filters every few months and most under-sink systems still need one every six months to a year. Large home filtration systems often have filters that last for well over 12 months, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing the maintenance on your home water system.

3 Advantages of Filtered Water at Home
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