3 Opening an Optometry Office Tips

Once you have completed your optometry education, you can work for an existing optometry office or you can open a private practice. Even if you decide to work for someone else for a few years, you can gain experience, and then, open your own practice at a later time. When you open your private practice, you will make many decisions, like purchasing optometry equipment, budgeting and marketing.

3 Opening an Optometry Office Tips

Here are three tips for opening an optometry office.


Like any other business with a storefront, location is important. When you are scouting potential areas, you are taking into account several factors. Safety, free parking availability and saturation are some, while rent costs and space size are others. You are also taking into consideration the neighborhood make-up. People know that they should see a doctor at least once a year, and most do. Dental and eye visits, unless ordered by a doctor, are not as common for all demographics. This could increase the amount of marketing you have to conduct.


Technology has improved equipment for the healthcare industry across the board. This has helped decrease the price of equipment. Leasing equipment instead of buying can help you stay within your budget until you start turning a profit. Among the equipment you will probably purchase for your optometry office is opthalmoscopes, flat screen charts and lamps. You will also require chairs, desks and phoropters.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

You attended a higher education institution and completed your studies to become an optometrist. When opening a private office in this field, that goes a long way. As the owner of the practice, however, you will be wearing other hats, too. In the beginning, you may be your own marketing, accounting and customer service department, too. An entrepreneurial mindset will help you open your office, keep it running and enable it grow as large as you would like.

Once you have completed your education to become an optometrist, you can open an optometry office. Many factors will determine the success of your practice, including location, equipment and an entrepreneurial mindset.

3 Opening an Optometry Office Tips
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