3 Pre-Owned Office Furniture Items for Sale

There is a lot to be said for the benefits offered by the secondary market. In the car industry, certified pre-owned vehicles sell for considerably less and are still in good condition. It is not too different for the pre-owned office furniture market. You can find pre owned desks, for example, at a lesser price than its original manufacturer recommended selling price in great condition.

3 Pre-Owned Office Furniture Items for Sale

Here are three pre-owned office furniture items you can find for sale.


A desk may or may not get a lot of wear from its first owner, and for a variety of reasons, could end up on the secondary market. Sturdy desks, sometimes, outlive their owners. Then, they are resold. Executive, L-shape and U-shape are some styles you may find from some of the most well-known manufacturers. Since a desk is a large ticket item, it tends to have a longer life span. With 50% of businesses failing in their first year, a desk can easily be liquidated to pay off creditors.


Office layouts experience trends in the same manner as the fashion industry. For a while, it will be believed that open floor plans boost productivity. Later, companies go back to giving salaried employees their own office. As the trends change, the use of cubicles comes and goes. Cubicles, therefore, find their way into the secondary market, too. From 4x4s to 8x8s, a variety of sizes are available. The 4×4 is popular among the telemarketing sector while L and U-shapes are great for collaborative environments.

Filing and Storage

Filing and storage cabinets are furniture items that often find themselves in the secondary market. They are great for organization purposes, but due to their size, when a business goes out of business, they are best used as an asset for liquidation. Like desks, they are tend to be sturdy and have a long life span.

There are many reasons why shopping in the pre-owned office furniture section makes fiscal sense. There, you can find pre owned desks as well as cubicles and filing and storage cabinets.

3 Pre-Owned Office Furniture Items for Sale
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