3 Things to do in South Carolina

South Carolina has a rich American history. Originally one with North Carolina, the states were named after King Charles II. Today, the southern state retains much of its historical undertones and luscious outdoors. When traveling to South Carolina, there are many activities that can be enjoyed like south carolina deer hunting. Gardens, state parks and beaches are among the sites to experience, and there are also markets, museums and cathedrals to visit.

3 Things to do in South Carolina

Go Hiking

Hunting Island State Park, Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park are three beautiful areas where locals and tourists can enjoy a good hike and breathes of fresh air. On a hike, catch glimpses of South Carolina’s wildlife and eyefuls of the scenery. Whether hiking for leisure or to burn some calories, each area is a little different from the next, so you may come across a natural spring, old oak or suspended bridge.

Experience History

Walking tours are popular throughout South Carolina. As one of the original colonies, this state was witness to the American Revolution as well as the Civil War. Take a tour through Old Charleston on a carriage, have a taste of Downtown Charleston’s culinary roots or take a walking tour of Charleston as its historic landmarks are pointed out to you. Head over to Castle Pinckney at Shute’s Folly Island and then, to Fort Sumter where two American Civil War battles took place. Drayton Hall is one of the oldest surviving plantations in the South, and Middleton Place is one of the oldest surviving American mansions.

Be a Tourist

The Charleston City Market is where both locals and tourists flock to when they need to purchase clothes, toys and leather goods as well as souvenirs from the surrounding area. Once the market where slaves used to purchase food for the nearby plantations, visitors can catch glimpses of the past while shopping here, too. Museums like the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime are great for learning some history and picking up some more souvenirs.

Settled by the colonists in 1670, South Carolina was managed by Lord Proprietors. It built its economy by trading with the British West Indies as rice emerged as their most profitable crop. Today, remnants of South Carolina’s part in American history are still visible and they can be enjoyed while hiking, learning about that history and being a tourist.

3 Things to do in South Carolina
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