3 Tips for Reducing Groundwater Pollution

Oil Water Separators

Industrial plants must use oil water separators North Carolina to remove petroleum from wastewater. They contain a large carbon filter to quickly discharge waste from mass amounts of water. Oil rises from the filter and can be easily collected with pads attached to chambers in the separator. They contain pipes that handle abundant flows of wastewater, making the process convenient. Separators prevent hydrocarbons from polluting groundwater, which can take years to clean up.

Nobody wants to drink polluted water. That’s why it’s so important to protect groundwater, which supplies drinking water for 99% of rural communities. Most groundwater is pumped from aquifers and used to irrigate crops. Wastewater treatment plants filter and provide groundwater to homes and businesses, along with fire departments that use foams to slow the spread of fire. Protecting groundwater from pollution helps save lives and lowers cost.

Landfill Monitoring

Public landfill facilities are required by law to implement a groundwater monitoring plan, which requires them to install monitoring wells they drill into the ground to collect water samples. The owners must write a report to the federal government if the wells detect hydrocarbons under the soil. Landfills compile a report twice a year to ensure public safety, making sure everyone is provided filtered groundwater.

Proper Petroleum Storage

Petroleum storage tanks should be stored above ground and distant from rivers and lakes. Installed tanks should be placed away from buildings to reduce the risk of fire and are best placed in an outdoor storage area. They should be positioned to contact a flat surface so the pipes don’t twist or break. Tanks shouldn’t be placed near corroding metals, since that could diminish the tank quality.

Regular maintenance of storage solutions is recommended to reduce the dramatically high cost that comes with replacement. With efficient technologies, businesses and industrial plants can take the necessary steps to protect groundwater from impurities. Proper wastewater management helps keep people healthy and communities safe.

3 Tips for Reducing Groundwater Pollution
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