3 Water Conservation Ideas

Over two-thirds of planet earth’s surface is covered in water but only a small fraction of that is freshwater. Ice and snow near the poles account for much of that. Population growth has exacerbated water shortages in some regions. Should this trend continue, the inability to access potable water will be an ever more urgent issue. Some steps that individuals can take include routine plumbing maintenance, installation of water-saving appliances and creative landscaping choices.

Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Residential and small commercial plumbing systems are normally ignored until problems arise. A more proactive approach can help reduce waste. Having a plumbing system pressure tested is one quick way to identify leaks that may be wasting water unnoticed. A hydrostatic test pump is used to apply positive pressure to piping and fittings. Loss of pressure triggers further investigation to locate and repair leaks. This one simple test is a good starting place for anyone wanting to conserve resources.

Installing Water Saving Appliances

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, residential water use consists of 24% for toilets, 20% for showers, 19% for faucets, 17% for clothes washers and the remainder either lost in leaks or other minor uses. Replacement of an older toilet with a dual-flush model or smaller tank capacity will make a difference. Low flow nozzles and showerheads are a quick way to reduce water usage as well. Newer front-loading clothes washers reduce not only water use but are also more energy-efficient.

Landscaping for Conservation

Xeriscaping has recently gained popularity and is a water resource-sensitive option for homeowners. Alternatively, the minimizing green space that does require additional irrigation goes a long way in the quest to conserve water. Greenhouses are another option that can reduce losses to evaporation that occur when watering unsheltered foliage.

Climate concerns are becoming more pressing problems as population growth and development occur. The misconception that residential water use is insignificant needs to be confronted and corrected. Working together at conservation is the best plan to address the issue and ensure this precious resource is available for generations to come.

3 Water Conservation Ideas
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