3 Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

The construction industry introduces safety hazards that increase the risk of work-related accidents. Managerial oversight in construction sites ensures workers are following safety guidelines and handling equipment properly. However, accidents can sometimes occur even with regulations in place. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 20% of workplace casualties are in construction. Investing in workplace safety provides three advantages worth considering.

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Workplace Safety

Occupational training increases safety awareness and encourages vigilant behavior. Crew site workers should know about the fatal four construction hazards. Training should prioritize the prevention of falls, caught-ins, struck-bys and electrocutions. There are several examples to cite that demonstrate workplace safety. Secure scaffolding placement lowers the risk of falls, whereas protecting workers from trenches can prevent caught-ins. Managers should also carry out weekly safety inspections to ensure there are warning signs near the site’s entrance and construction barriers installed around the site. 

Staying Accountable

Anytime accidents occur on site, safety practitioners carry out an accident investigation Canonsburg PA and document the sequence of events leading up to the incident, including the overall setting and equipment used for a specific task. This helps them identify the causes behind the accident. However, the first priority should be to provide first aid to injured workers. Following the incident, contractors report the accident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and must develop a corrective plan to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Proper Equipment

Construction workers are required to wear personal protective equipment. The equipment is a safeguard to prevent hazards and ensures efficient handling of cumbersome objects. All areas of the body are protected with this gear. Safety glasses are important, as they prevent foreign objects from reaching the face. Workers must also wear slip-resistance boots that protect the feet and toes. Hard hats reduce the risk of fatal impact from falling objects.

Contractors are required by law to abide by safety regulations. Contractors should train workers to protect themselves from unforeseen hazards. Along with proper usage of indispensable protective equipment, staying accountable is also important.

3 Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety
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