3 Ways to Protect Yourself and Others From Virus Exposure

Heading into the colder months and more time spent inside, it will be even more important to protect yourself from contagion. As well as COVID-19, seasonal flu is about to make its appearance and everyone needs to be ready.

1. Face Shields

Cloth masks are fine for outside or when used in conjunction with social distancing. However, those who work face-to-face with the public need better protection. 

One of the things many people forget is that viruses enter the body through all of the mucous membranes, the eyes as well as the nose and mouth. Covering the whole face with SHIELD-19 Florida prevents accidental touching of the face or rubbing of the eyes.

Those with allergies or other habits don’t even realize they’re doing these things, so a shield is necessary to prevent it.

2. Comfortable Gloves

Wearing gloves provides protection from germs on surfaces and from hand-to-hand contact. Many don’t wear them because they are clumsy or uncomfortable. In addition, flimsy gloves can rip at a crucial moment and expose the wearer to the germs they were trying to avoid.

Experimentation may be necessary to find the correct size and best feel. Once that has been determined, though, gloves should be worn in combination with a face shield to give both the wearer and others the best protection.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Once the domain of germaphobes, hand sanitizer is now considered a necessity by most people. Soap and water are not always available and viruses can linger on surfaces for up to 3 days. Some places where this could be a problem are public transportation railings, elevator buttons and grocery store carts.

Those containing a moisturizer like aloe vera can make multiple applications more comfortable.

Protect yourself and others this winter by finding and using the best possible products.

3 Ways to Protect Yourself and Others From Virus Exposure
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