4 Tips for Park Maintenance

Winter is officially a thing of the past, so people will be hitting up your parks and playgrounds soon. But are these locations ready for visitors? Have you done everything that you can do to make them family-friendly? Here are just four tips for general park maintenance.

4 Tips for Park Maintenance

1. Pick Up the Trash

This is probably the single biggest thing that you can do to make your park appear welcoming. If there are crumpled chip bags and empty water bottles everywhere, no one will want their kids to roam through the trash! Stray animals might also become a problem if they’re attracted to all of the leftover food. Do yourself a favor and perform periodic garbage sweeps through your park.

2. Mind Your Sports Equipment

Are your basketball hoops bent out of shape? Have the painted lines on the tennis court started to fade? Could your walking trails use new gravel or soil? You don’t want to get visitor complaints from people who are disappointed with the state of your park’s athletic equipment, so stay vigilant about repairs.

3. Clean Your Water Features

This is an important step for keeping bugs at bay. They love standing water, and it’ll be even worse if that water is dirty, clogged or filled with other dead insects. Try to make it unattractive to them by keeping it clean. Look into pond aerators and fountains with automated filtering capabilities, and drag a net through them every once in awhile to clean up other sediments and unsightly debris.

4. Tend the Grass

It’s a common misconception that mowing and watering are the only things that you can do for your grass. In reality, you can also fertilize its soil, cut it to particular height specifications and plant new seeds for evenly-spread growth. These might all become necessary routines for nature maintenance at your park, so get familiar with them!

These are just a few ways to keep your park looking bountiful and beautiful. It’s a location that everyone is supposed to enjoy, but that won’t happen unless it’s kept clean, safe and well-maintained!

4 Tips for Park Maintenance
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