5 Insurance Plans for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that a lawsuit could be hiding behind any corner. Just as bad, you could lose critical assets to disasters out of your hands. To protect your business from these and more, look for the finest business insurance Orlando FL has to offer.

5 Insurance Plans for Your Business

Commercial Property Insurance

Should the physical property of your business suffer damage, commercial property insurance can cover the expenses necessary for repair. These policies cover not only any buildings on a property but also inventory, office furniture, equipment and more.

Marine Insurance

For businesses that transport their goods as cargo on a ship, marine insurance can cover the costs associated with the loss of any product. Marine insurance can cover shipping in both ocean travel in addition to shipping routes along rivers, lakes and seas.

General Liability

Should an accident befall one of your customers while at your place of business or as a result of misleading advertising, you or the company could be held responsible. Plan for any potential lawsuits by researching the general liability insurance coverage that best fits your business.

Workers Compensation

When an employee gets injured on the job, workers compensation plans can pay for their medical treatment and any lost wages from time off. These plans are usually included in employee benefit packages and are a great way to retain workers.

Crime Insurance

Unfortunately, a crime against your business is an event that every business owner must plan for. Not all crime will be from traditional burglaries or theft of property. Hackers can steal funds or access sensitive customer data, causing a public relations nightmare. Additionally, employees may act dishonestly by stealing property or cooking the books.

For the small business owner, it can feel as if everything is stacked against you. Protect yourself, your property and the integrity of your enterprise by investing in quality business insurance that can shoulder some of that burden.

5 Insurance Plans for Your Business
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