5 Things to Know About Air Sentry Breathers

Mechanical equipment has many moving parts and can be expensive to maintain. Air sentry breathers North Carolina are just one part that makes up those big machines but has a big job to do to keep them running. Here are five things to know about air sentry breathers.

1. Works on Different Types of Equipment

Air sentry breathers are a versatile filter that works on many different types of equipment found in industries like mines, steel plants and wind turbines.

2. Prolongs Equipment Life

Heavy equipment needs constant checking to make sure that it is running properly and safely. The most common reason why the equipment breaks is because humidity has gotten into where it shouldn’t. Air sentry breathers help block humidity and keep contaminants from entering the system. 

3. Tells You When to Replace

The technology used in air sentry breathers is a big deal because of its ability to show when it is in need of being replaced just by looking at it; no need to take it apart. The gel traps dirt and moisture and will turn from gold to green as it does it. The green will start at the top and once it all has turned you will want to replace it. 

4. Different Styles

Air sentry breathers fit in so many different types of machines so there are different styles and sizes to match. You also can choose between permanent or disposable. 

5. Cost-Effective

Air sentry breathers save resources and time because you can easily tell just by looking at them if it is time to replace. Also, because it keeps your equipment working longer and better you will save the money on needing to replace expensive machinery. 

Air sentry breathers may be small but have a big impact on how the heavy equipment in many industries runs. It saves the company’s money and gives options to meet all of their needs.

5 Things to Know About Air Sentry Breathers
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