5 Ways To Improve Your Pond

If you have ponds on your property, you may want to improve the appearance and protect the longevity of the ecosystem. Pond maintenance is essential to ensuring a thriving, attractive body of water.

1. Clean the Weeds and Algae

Algae and pond weeds can benefit the fish living in the pond, but too many will block sunlight and inhibit the growth of beneficial plants. Establishing the correct balance of plants and algae involves initiating an aquatic weed control program. When you clear away invasive weeds, you improve the oxygen level and overall appearance of the pond.

2. Add Barley Straw

By adding small clumps of barley straw to your pond, you can inhibit the growth of algae. Straw is like a nitrogen sponge. It absorbs nitrogen and prevents algae from becoming dominant in your pond. After a few months, replace the straw with a fresh batch. The straw will turn black when it is used up and needs replacing.

3. Introduce Beneficial Plants

The fish and plants in your pond rely on a balanced, oxygenated body of water to remain healthy. The pond likely has beneficial plants that provide oxygen. However, it’s a good idea to add a few more plants like elodea or hornwort. The plants live below the surface of the water and increase the pond’s oxygen levels. The optimal location for the oxygenating plants is near the banks of the pond.

4. Check the PH Levels

With a water testing kit, you can check your ponds PH to see if it’s within a sustainable level. If you have a small pond that requires you to add tap water during heat waves and droughts, you’ll have to balance the levels by adding a pond conditioner regularly. Conditioners decrease the chlorine contained in tap water and inhibit the growth of evasive algae. Regularly checking the water’s PH allows you to make small adjustments if nitrogen levels or algae become a problem.

5. Landscape the Property

If you would rather have an attractive oasis than an eyesore, keep the area tidy and remove fallen limbs. Mow the grass regularly and plant evergreen shrubs, annuals, and perennials next to the pond to improve its appearance. After a fierce storm, you may have to remove debris or trash that was blown in by the wind. A pair of waders or a small boat can help when you remove debris from the pond.

A healthy and aesthetically pleasing pond is achievable if you follow a few steps. Although it may seem tedious at first, once you establish a routine with your pond maintenance, your neighbors and friends will envy your picturesque water feature.

5 Ways To Improve Your Pond
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