A Smile Makeover is the Best Holiday Gift

The holidays bring millions of friends, families, and loved ones together with promises of laughter, joy, and a special treasure or two. But thinking back on your past several holiday seasons, can you recall what you unwrapped from year-to-year? Don’t feel alone if the answer is a big, fat no. Regardless of how we plan for surprises and unforgettable events, the memories of yesteryear are wrapped more in the feelings than the trinkets. Yet, there is a way to be the holiday hero and ensure your efforts aren’t easily forgotten… and your Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist can help. Giving a smile makeover to your favorite gift recipient can create a memorable holiday season for years to come. But what’s so special about that?

A Smile Makeover is the Best Holiday Gift

What’s So Special About a Great Smile?

Long gone are the days of blinding camera flashes and onetime professional photography shots during the most festive times of the year. In fact, thanks to modern technology, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the best and worse reactions of the holidays will be displayed across social media for all the world to see. That’s a lot of pressure for those who habitually hide their smiles. It’s easy to dismiss a pouty puss as “Grumpy Uncle Gus” or “Salty Aunt Sally”, but there’s usually a serious story behind miffed mug.

Almost 90% of Americans agree that smiling is contagious, but one-third of those people are unhappy with their own smile. Over 35% of adults believe their social life would improve with a better smile, and 48% of tagged social media users untag themselves in images to avoid shame and embarrassment from an unattractive picture… or at least what they perceive to be the case. But it goes beyond simple discomfort. Almost 80% of adults also believe or accept the notion that imperfect chompers can lead to career problems. Fortunately, a few simple cosmetic dentistry options can correct all of these concerns.

How Can a Smile Makeover Make the Holidays Shine?

Modern cosmetic dentistry is so advanced that miracles can now unfold in the dentist’s chair. “Smile Makeover” is the term given to a selection of one or more dental procedures specifically chosen to improve the appearance of the patient’s smile. Whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure as professional whitening can remove stains and brighten existing enamel up to 10 shades in about an hour. It’s a painless, affordable, and effective option for holiday happiness.

For those with deeper need and budgets, other smile makeover options are available as well. Composite bonding helps seal cracks and chips as well as repairs serious damage to individual teeth to give a more uniform appearance. Tooth implants can replace the need for dentures while giving the patient the freedom of eating their favorite foods without worry. These permanent structures are surgically performed, so that needs to be taken into account. But for those in need of an instant fix, porcelain veneers can the perfect solution to give that special someone the celebrity smile of their dreams. A call to your cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale can kick off the holiday season right and ensure your special gift of the season is picture perfect and remembered for years to come.

A Smile Makeover is the Best Holiday Gift
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