Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Advertising has been a major business activity and expense for huge, publicly-traded companies for more than 150 years! Although digital marketing may have forced traditional forms of advertising to become less popular due to the proliferation of smartphones and their constant, everyday use, print and outdoor advertising undeniably plays a major role in the current world of business.

Having brought in roughly $8 billion in total revenue throughout the United States in 2017, billboard advertising obviously still works – but what are the main benefits they bring to the proverbial table?

Billboards Are Great For Immediate Results

Marketing campaigns – as you know – can take forever to come to fruition. Some forms of advertising work more quickly than others, though billboard advertising is undeniably, unarguably effective in the short-term. When people see billboard ads that intrigue them, they’re often ready to make purchases immediately. As such, you’ll pay higher costs per customer impression when buying billboards to display your company’s products, services, and brand – however, kicking off a marketing campaign with a billboard is highly effective.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

The Majority Of Billboard-Loving Consumers Stop Into Stores When Returning From Work

According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study, nearly three-quarters of people – 72 percent, to be exact – who regularly view billboards stop and shop on their commutes back home from work; the same study said that a nearly-identical 68 percent of people who consistently make efforts to look at billboards make purchasing decisions on the way home.

Arguably The Best Place To Share Visual Information

Billoards are great places to share unique, off-the-wall visual information with potential customers because they’re more likely to be impressed by ads that don’t fit the mold of billboard advertisements.

Every type of advertising – especially that of billboards – is difficult to blow your competition out of the proverbial water with. However, with the help of billboard advertising sacramento ca, you’ll be on your way to ballin’ on a billboard in no time.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising
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