Applying For Workers Compensation

You have been hurt on the job and require medical services to get better. While you have medical insurance, these types of injuries could be covered under worker’s compensation insurance. It can be confusing which insurance does cover this sort of incident. Here are some tips if you need to apply for compensation.

Applying For Workers Compensation

Check For Eligibility

State regulations for this, such as iowa workers compensation law, can vary so check with your local government to see what applies. You also will want to ensure your employer falls under this category. To receive these benefits, you must be hurt on the job doing your tasks assigned to you. If you cut yourself with a knife while opening a box of supplies for your job, this could be considered a workers comp injury. Inform your employer immediately of what happened and have them document it so they can contact their insurance company.

Have Your Information

Once you are certain that your injury falls under this compensation, you should put together all the documentation concerning your medical bills and any payments you may have made to that point. Find out from your employer and your employer’s insurance provider what will be covered. If you must take time off to heal from the occurrence, you will want to know if they will pay for the time you are gone or if you need to make other arrangements for income.

Process the Paperwork

Once you have treatment underway, you need to make sure a claim is filed on your behalf. While some medical providers will do this for you, you will want to double check with them, your employer, or your employer’s insurance that it has been done. Follow the doctor’s orders as they are given so that you will heal properly. Answer whatever questions the insurance provider has to the best of your ability.

Applying For Workers Compensation
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