Architect Services – The Hiring Process And Beyond

Constructing new office space or expanding existing structures is part of an exciting time in a company’s lifetime. The need for more space means growth and is an indication of success. Yet the building process itself can quickly become a quagmire of design dilemmas. Hiring an architect is the best way to find your way out of the maze.

Architect Services – The Hiring Process And Beyond


Prior to hiring a firm, research various architectural design services and determine how well each option suits your company’s needs. The most important step is to define your project as thoroughly as you can: overall project goals, size and function of each space, facility location, schedule and budget. Once you have a good idea of what you want in your project, you can compare each candidate’s past work to your upcoming job. Consider their reputations in the community and narrow down the field of potential hires to three or four firms.


The selection process may seem to go fairly quickly from here. Tour the company offices and other building designs. Ask questions about the choices they made regarding layout, energy use and construction materials. Meet with team you will actually work with, not the firm’s top management. Share with the team your list of requirements and ask for their candid feedback regarding feasibility, costs and timeline. Once you have chosen an architect, work together to generate a detailed contract and make sure you understand all its provisions.


Hiring the right firm is the critical first step in a successful build, but it is only the first step. The next steps involve maintaining a good relationship with the architect team during construction. Don’t micromanage but do communicate constantly. Questions will arise on both sides, so answer their questions and address issues immediately and feel free to ask for clarification when needed. A construction project rarely goes entirely as planned, so be prepared to refine the design and make changes as work progresses. You may encounter some surprises along the way, but the end result can be surprisingly good.

Architect Services – The Hiring Process And Beyond
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