Benefits of Joining a Union

There are many benefits to joining a union for yourself, your family and your community. Some unions will be industry or company specific and others will cover a wide range of people throughout the country.

Benefits of Joining a Union

What Does a Union Do?

A union, such as unifor local 302 ontario, negotiates with employers on behalf of its members as well as other employees at the same companies. Because the union is trying to get wages and benefits as high as possible for its members, a lot of the benefits can trickle down to non-union employees, but it is not always guaranteed. A union can also offer better job security as they can negotiate with the company concerning layoffs and firings.

Who Can Join?

You can join a union if you meet certain criteria such as finding a chapter in your local area and in your industry. Many national unions will have chapters in major cities, and some will cover multiple, related, industries such as doctors and nurses. Others will cover everything from auto workers to communications professionals. It is said that on average, union members make about twenty percent higher wages than non-union workers.

How Can You Join?

Joining a union generally means finding one to meet your needs and paying your dues. There may be other obligations involved such as regular meetings and even elected positions within the union. To determine your eligibility, it is a good idea to investigate local chapters who work with your industry and many will recruit new members on a regular basis. If there are no chapters local to you, then you can talk to the union about starting one.

A union can offer you many benefits including higher wages and better job security. You can find unions in your industry and area with a quick internet search and sometimes even start your own chapter if there are none in your area.

Benefits of Joining a Union
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