Buying A Two-Way Radio for Business

If you have a business and you are managing a number of people, there is no better way to communicate than with a two-way radio. A two-way radio allows someone to talk to a specific person or to an entire team with just a push of a button. With the advent of smartphones, why should you still use a two-way radio?

Buying A Two-Way Radio for Business

Reliable Signal

During emergencies like natural disasters where cell sites are down, and smartphones are not working, you can rely on a two-way radio. In a rescue operation, for example, you can also contact all of your team members instead of calling them on their cell phones individually.

Durable and Light

Unlike smartphones, a two-way radio doesn’t require a protective case. The specification of a two-way radio says it is for military, construction, and emergency use hence you can depend on it regardless of the weather. For the battery, a regular two-way radio can last up to 26 hours of regular use.

Cost Effectiveness

A two-way radio works via channels for both Family Radio Service (FRS) band or the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) band. Regular two-way radio has 22 channels for both bands. To make it work, you just need to get a license from the FCC and it is good for ten years. It means no more monthly charges, contract fees and calling minutes to pay.


Most two-way radios today come with extra features such as weather radio. Weather radio means having access to a local weather forecast in a push of a button. Some units also come with navigation keys such as peer to peer positioning for location broadcast. This is useful for search and rescue operations.

Ease of Use

A two-way radio is very easy to use – just push and talk or touch and talk. Most two-way radios come with a noise filter feature for a clearer signal and better range.

Despite the popularity of smartphones, some businesses and organizations are still relying on using two-way radio such as police officers and emergency officers. If you are currently looking for a two-way radio for your team, you can visit

Buying A Two-Way Radio for Business
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