Choosing the Best Blender for Your Plant

Manufacturing plants that perform industrial mixing need to invest in blenders that satisfy their productivity requirements. Fluidizer, ribbon and paddle blenders are three of the best options. The following overview can help you decide which one is right for your facility.


When it comes to versatility, a fluidizer blender is hard to beat. It can mix a wide range of dry and wet substances from industrial fertilizers to supermarket salad dressings. The fluidizer blender effectively separates and shuffles particles by subjecting them to a rising gas stream. Short, metal blades perched on an angle blend the particles by rotating rapidly and powerfully. When a gentler action is needed, a fluidizer blender does not slow down mixing time. It utilizes a variable frequency drive to maintain speed while protecting fragile particles. Fluidizer blenders may cost more than other blenders, but they provide excellent value in the long term.


A ribbon blender is used in many plants. It works well with dry particles or liquids, but it can be problematic for sticky substances, like concrete. It operates through the action of two rotating blades, or ribbons. These ribbons form a double helix and blend the particles by moving them in opposite directions. A ribbon blender provides good purchase value and relatively low operating costs. 


A paddle mixer is another popular, cost-effective choice. Rotating paddle blades provide gentle radial and lateral movements that prevent damage to fragile particles and break down undesirable clumps. Thus, these machines are well suited for mixing cake flour, paint, plaster or soap. Paddle mixers provide thorough blending, but their slow speed is a drawback. 

For plants that mix specific substances, a ribbon or paddle mixer is a suitable choice. For mixing a variety of substances, a fluidizer mixer is the best choice. Its adaptability and speed also make it extremely useful for specialized plants because it is capable of reducing bottlenecks in all cases.   

Choosing the Best Blender for Your Plant
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