Commercial Credit Lines

Commercial Credit Lines Take Many Forms

In the world of Commercial Finance, there are many types of facilities which are not necessarily available at your local bank.  When looking for a business loan for your company, it is a good idea to explore all your options before proceeding with any lender.

Many lenders will have only one type of funding available, and as such, they will only have a limited selection of programs available to you, but not all Commercial Finance Companies are alike.

Commercial Credit Lines Take Many Forms

Take, for example, – they have a strong lineup of various commercial lending products and can combine the various programs together to create the business lending facility that will suit your needs.  Below, is a sample of what offerings are available for your business:


Accounts Receivable Factoring

AR Factoring uses a company’s receivables that are due to them as a borrowing base which a funder will advance funds against so that the company putting up their receivables as collateral will be able to use those funds for the company cash flow needs.  This is not a loan however, it is an advance of funds against those funds which the company is due and the repayment of this advance happens when the end-customer pays their invoices.


Small Business Loans

There are many types of business loans, which will vary depending on the several factors, including time-in-business, monthly sales, credit scores, and supporting documentation – all can be combined or utilized as best suits the need.  Due to the variance in program availability due to country restrictions, not all business loan programs are available everywhere.


Equipment Leasing

A better alternative to getting a business loan for equipment procurement, is often equipment leasing because of the flexibility of the program, not to mention the tax advantages leasing typically brings.  In general, the funding minimum is $5000 and no maximum.  Best of all, this funding is available to start-ups!


Purchase Order Finance

PO Finance will incorporate AR Factoring and Letters of Credit to help bridge the gap between the time an order is placed with you and the time you can collect the payment from your customer.  In general, this program is used for buy-sell agreements where the sale of the product is done on net terms such as net 20, 60 or 90.


Asset Based Lending

ABL is becoming more and more prevalent every year.  The biggest reason for this is that it takes into consideration not only accounts receivables as a borrowing base, but also inventory, equipment and real estate is also sometime used to create your borrowing base, and the receivables can be from anywhere in the world, so long as the receivables are with companies which are verified as being creditworthy.


If your company is seeking Business Financing, regardless of where your company is in terms of time-in-business or the country your business is located in, our friends at have excellent programs and customer service – you will not be disappointed.

Commercial Credit Lines
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