Copier Maintenance Tips to Minimize Repair Needs

Even in today’s digital world, there’s a need to get things like annual reports, interoffice memos, and fillers for mailers printed quickly and efficiently. When a copier is doing its job, it’s easy to get into the habit of taking this particular piece of office equipment for granted — at least until something goes wrong. The copier repair service Washington DC businesses require now and then can be less of distraction when steps are taken to keep copiers well-maintained.

Copier Maintenance Tips to Minimize Repair Needs

Use Quality Products

It may be tempting to save money with cheaper paper or toner, but these products can create more wear and tear on copier parts. Instead, opt for the products recommended in the owner’s manual. Top-quality paper also generates less dust within the copier, which can further reduce repair needs.

Load Paper Correctly

Paper jams that end up damaging internal parts are one of the most common reasons why copier repair service is needed. Follow the recommended paper-loading procedures for your particular copier model. Avoid placing too much paper inside of the tray at an given time. Also, don’t use irregularly shaped paper unless your copier can be adjusted to accommodate it.

Clean Copier Glass

The part of your copier that’s most likely to get dirty is the glass on top that’s constantly being lifted by many fingers throughout the day. Make it easier for your copier to do its job by cleaning the glass periodically. Use a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth instead of paper towel to avoid scratching the glass. Spray the glass cleaner on the cloth, not directly on the glass. Be sure to remove paperclips and staples prior to placing anything under the glass for added protection against scratches.

Clean Internal Parts and External Surfaces

Extend your cleaning efforts to the inside of your copier. Wipe away any visible dust with a soft cloth. Use a small, fine-haired paint brush to clean interior components that are close together so you don’t unintentionally loosen something. Ink cartridge holders should also be dusted. Don’t forget to pay attention to the ink nozzle. Wipe it clean with a cotton swap with a little bit of rubbing alcohol on it. On the outside of your copier, dust the paper trays and wipe down all exterior surfaces. Avoid placing too much pressure on your copier as you clean it.

While the lifespan of an office copier will depend on factors such as how often it’s used, most high-end and floor-standing models will last anywhere from five to ten years. One way to get more life out of your copier by being proactive with maintenance. This doesn’t mean there won’t be times when repairs are needed. However, a well-maintained copier is less likely to experience major problems that could keep it out of commission longer than expected.

Copier Maintenance Tips to Minimize Repair Needs
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