Custodial Jobs Require Good Quality Rags

T shirt rags are among the textile products that are needed to enhance the cleanliness and efficiency of the daily jobs carried out by custodians in a large range of industries. Whether used in janitorial work or painting or wiping off oil and gas in mechanic shops or in other regular industrial-strength messes that require clean-ups, these industry-proven commercial textile products provide solutions for easier cleaning. The rags are necessary and useful tools that are required to complete the job successfully.

Custodial Jobs Require Good Quality Rags

Using the latest technology in their facilities and being proud of the positive impact on the environment, the producer of these cleaning cloths strives to preserve resources and convert materials whenever possible.

T shirt cleaning cloths are made of:

* white knit T shirt material that is practically lint-free. They are ideal for wiping, cleaning, and polishing.

* white knit T shirts with a color print or trim, which is absorbent and is an economical mixture.

* color fleece, which is mostly heavy-duty sweatshirt material that is absorbent, soft, and good for all jobs.

* new white knit T shirt material mixed with white woven wipers, practically lint-free, and is all-purpose for cleaning, wiping, and polishing.

Reclaimed Textiles Co. is a primary source that provides the quality textile products that are featured in this article and have served their customers since 1994. Located in Dallas, Texas, their high standards of quality produce new and recycled wholesale industrial wiping rags and cleaning cloths for both small and large stores and businesses throughout the nation. In-house production puts them in control of the production and packaging of converted recycled and secondary materials to reduce the impact on the environment and also in control of the distribution so that the orders can be filled quickly.

They look forward to adding your business to their ever-growing list of satisfied customers who appreciate a source that will continually provide for their needs in a long-term relationship. Be sure to reach out to them to have any of your questions answered, when you are ready to work together, and when they can help guide you to the required cleaning rags for your particular establishment’s industrial-strength jobs.

Custodial Jobs Require Good Quality Rags
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