Dealing with Correspondence and Packages while You Travel

Safety experts continue to warn people about the dangers of letting mail pile up in your mailbox. When burglars see that you are not home and have mail left unattended in the box, they may take that as an open invitation to not only steal your mail but also break into your home.

However, you may not trust your mail to be picked up and not gone through by a neighbor, friend, or even close relative. When you want discreet and trustworthy options for mail pickup, package delivery, and signing for a notary NYC professionals like you can partner with a fulfillment service before you embark on your travels.

Dealing with Correspondence and Packages while You Travel

Confidential Handling

The staff who work at the fulfillment center are held to rigorous standards about how to handle clients’ mail and packages safely and discreetly. They are trained not to shake packages to try to guess what is inside of the boxes. Likewise, they know better than to hold your letters up to the light to see what might be inside the envelopes.

Instead, they promise to accept your mail and guard your confidence while you are away. Your correspondence will be handled with the utmost of care and secured away until you come back to retrieve it. No one will know that your mail is there or what the letters and packages may be about without your permission.

If you will not be back for some time, you can have the mail and packages forwarded to your location. The service can accept the deliveries and then forward some or all of it to you even if you are in a hotel in a foreign country. You will get the deliveries sent directly to you so that you can handle the correspondence yourself.

Some of the letters may require that you have them notarized before returning them to the required party. The service has a certified notary on staff who can take care of that task for you. You can make arrangements with that person to verify your signature or to have the signature added in your absence according to the state law.

You cannot stop your business travels just to deal with your mail. Instead of letting it pile up at home, you can have it delivered, stored, signed for, or forwarded by a fulfillment service that can act on your behalf.

Dealing with Correspondence and Packages while You Travel
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