Does Your Retail Store Need an Overhaul?

Before retail sales take a dive, they tend to stagnate. This halt could indicate that it is time to refresh your brick-and-mortar store. Asking yourself a few questions about the state of your facility could point to specific areas that could use a facelift.

1. Does Your Storefront Look Run-Down?

You might think your storefront’s appearance is classic; your customers might see it as old and dirty. However, you may not need a complete structural overhaul to make an improvement. A building facade cleaning Portland OR, fresh window displays and new signage are a few things that could give your business’s outward image a boost.

2. Is Your Sales Floor Congested?

Did you know that U.S. shoppers almost always walk into a store and immediately turn to the right? You can take advantage of this habit and design your sales floor to maximize the flow of customer traffic. Direct your patrons through your store counter-clockwise by merely specifying the right-hand door as the entrance and placing the checkout counter and exit at the left side.

3. Do Your Displays Distract the Eye?

Your interior design should reach out and draw your customers in, not wrench them out of their shopping flow. Take the time to coordinate your decor, signage and product displays to create a harmonious look that fits your brand image.

4. Do Your Shelves Look Empty or Cluttered?

Consumers often have a psychological aversion to buying a lone product on a bare shelf unless it is in extremely high demand. Shoppers will also only spend a limited amount of time searching for an item on overcrowded, disorganized shelves. Keep your merchandise stocked and presented in a logical manner so that it looks great and is easy to find.

Consumers often become bored quickly when their favorite businesses look the same year after year. Fixing the run-down elements can help you refresh your store, revitalize your regular customers and jump-start your sales.

Does Your Retail Store Need an Overhaul?
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