Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

Crossfire drinking game: Take a sip of cranberry and vodka every time Gideon calls Eva “angel” and Eva calls Gideon “ace.”

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

The Setup
Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross have reunited, but secretly: they don’t want the cops to suspect that Gideon murdered Nathan for Eva’s sake. But that’s not the couple’s only problem: Gideon’s ex, reporter Deanna Johnson, is intent on writing an exposé about him, while Corrine Giroux, his ex-fiancée, is still hung up on him. (Corrine’s obsession causes her husband, Jean-François, to hold Gideon responsible for his failing marriage). Yet Gideon’s not the only one with pesky exes: rock star Brett Kline keeps pressuring Eva to see him.

The Twist
The cops pay Eva a visit to let her know that Nathan had ties to the Russian mob: one of its members, Andrei Yedensky, murdered by a fellow member, was found with a bracelet belonging to Nathan’s mother. Yedensky also had salacious pictures of Eva in his possession, courtesy of Nathan, who was planning to sell her into the sex trade. Since the police believe that Yedensky may have murdered Nathan, the heat is off Gideon, and he and Eva make their relationship public.

The Spoiler
Gideon whisks Eva to the Caribbean where they get married in a secret ceremony; they decide to have a public wedding later and disguise their union as an engagement for the time being. But the news of their “engagement” causes Corrine to attempt suicide and have a miscarriage, for which Jean-François blames Gideon. Eva and Gideon are able to move past this in time to attend Eva’s mother’s charity gala, where Eva runs into Gideon’s mother, with whom she butts heads; Anna, another one of Gideon’s bitter ex-lovers; and Deanna, but Gideon is able to fend off the latter woman. The novel ends with the couple deciding to put their worries aside and focus on their marriage.

Additional Spoilers:
Gideon still suffers from nightmares about his sexual abuse. He reveals that his abuser, Hugh, was the brother-in-law and protégé of his childhood psychiatrist, Dr. Travis. Gideon went on to sleep with Dr. Travis’ wife, Anna, to get back at him for allowing Hugh to abuse him. Later, Gideon confronted Hugh and threatened to expose him as a pedophile if he tried to practice ever again; shortly after, Hugh committed suicide.

Deanna claims that Gideon is being sued for assaulting one of the men involved in Cary’s orgy on which he and Eva walked in a few weeks back (Gideon attacked him after he invited Eva to join in) but it turns out to be a lie that Deanna cooked up to break up Gideon and Eva.

Cary, Eva’s roommate, is still dating both Trey and Tatiana, but things get complicated when Tatiana becomes pregnant, something he keeps from Trey. He continues to date both people, and almost has a fling with Anna at the charity gala.

Eva is furious when she discovers that her mother, Monica, planted tracking devices in her compact mirror and Rolex to keep tabs on her. After a while, Eva forgives Monica.

Eva’s father, Victor, finds out about what Nathan did to her, and flies to New York to pay her a visit. He ends up sleeping with Monica, who is still married to Nathan’s father. This upsets Eva; later when she confronts Monica about it, the older woman admits that she is still in love with Victor but is staying with her current husband because he is rich.

Brett invites Eva to his band’s video shoot of the song he wrote inspired by her. Each scene is a reenactment of their romance. Of course, he fails to win her back. Later, Deanna reveals to Gideon that Brett’s videographer had secretly taped him having sex with Eva and is trying to sell the footage, but Gideon is able to stop its release.

Magdalene Perez, another one of Gideon’s exes, has gotten over him and is in a new relationship; she’s no longer a threat to Eva and is happy for her and Gideon.

Mark, Eva’s boss, gets engaged to his longtime boyfriend Steven. Meanwhile, Megumi, the receptionist and Eva’s friend, is MIA after breaking off a tumultuous relationship.

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Entwined with You by Sylvia Day
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