Extraordinary service and superior products for all heating and cooling needs

If you are planning a special event or function in the southeast United States some time in the near future, you can fully appreciate how unpredictable the weather can be. Hot and sticky, humid conditions one day can be followed up by a cold front moving through the area, causing the temperature to dip to uncomfortably cool conditions.

To ensure the comfort and safety of all persons in attendance, provisions should be made to secure dependable portable air conditioning and/or heating systems for the duration of the function.

Extraordinary service and superior products for all heating and cooling needs

Renters of such equipment, which may also include evaporate coolers, fans and misting fans, dehumidification systems and other related equipment should look for a company that specifically specializes is such contingencies for individuals, businesses, and events. All American Portable Air is an ideal example of a company that provides extraordinary service and superior products for all heating and cooling needs.

When it comes to heating or cooling any type of venue- whether it be a tent, building, or other structure where temperature control is important, most people have little or no idea as to what appropriate portable heating and air conditioning systems may be needed to provide satisfactory coverage for that given facility. The company to rent equipment from will send in an expert sales team to work side-by-side with you to ensure your coverage is done in a proper manner.

This team will be able to design a climate control system for your needs based on your location, the size of the event, and the number of occupants expected. They will also take into consideration any needs or accommodations that must be accounted for, and integrate that into the expected plan of action.

In addition to heating and cooling equipment, the company will also be able to provide portable generators if that need should be there. Often, some temporary facilities to be used have no power source. Tents are a good example of this. This is where generators, ranging from 20Kw-450Kw, become invaluable.

The propane, natural gas and electric-powered equipment is practical for a vast array of different applications. They can be lifesavers in emergency situations, can be significant in terms of standby and shutdown times, and can be a most integral addition to any structure that is absolutely reliant on maintaining a stable temperature for that given room or entire facility.

Extraordinary service and superior products for all heating and cooling needs
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