Fifty Shades Freed Summary by E.L. James

Fifty Shades Freed Summary by E.L. James

Quickie spoiler: Ana and Christian move to a big house with their two-year-old son, and are expecting their second child.

Fifty Shades Freed Summary by E.L. James

The Setup
Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are now married. Jack Hyde reappears in their lives when he breaks into their home with plans to kidnap Ana, but Christian’s security team get a hold of him before he can do so, and he is put into police custody. Later, the police reveal that Jack had been the one who sabotaged Christian’s helicopter.

The Twist(s)
When Ana accidentally gets pregnant, Christian is furious because he wants Ana all to himself. Then Jack kidnaps Christian’s younger sister, Mia, demanding five million dollars ransom from Ana. Armed with a gun, Ana goes to deliver the money to Jack, who proceeds to beat her up. She manages to shoot him before falling unconscious for twenty-four hours, then wakes up to find a remorseful Christian, who tells her that Mia is safe, Jack is in custody – and that he wants her and their baby. After she and Christian return home, he tells her that he found out from the cops that Christian had lived briefly with Jack in a foster family after his drug-addicted mother had died – and that Jack, being older than Christian, knew about that the whole time. Christian also tells Ana that he can finally believes in her unconditional love for him because she had risked her life to save his sister.

The Spoiler
The novel flashes forward to three years later. Ana and Christian are now living in a big house. Their son, Teddy, is two years old and they are expecting a second child, a girl. Christian still enjoys some of the benefits of being a Dominant, and Ana is happy to be his Submissive.


These bonus pages give Christian a chance to show his point of view: the first Christmas he spent with his adoptive family, and the first time he met Ana.

Additional Spoilers:
When Ana announced she was pregnant, Christian walked out on her and ran into Elena at a bar. Elena tried to seduce Christian, but he turned her down and told her he never wanted to see her again.

Ana had to fulfill Jack’s ransom request without Christian knowing, as Jack threatened to kill Mia if she did so. But in order to withdraw the money, Ana needed Christian’s authorization, so she lied and told him she was taking the money to leave him, as they were still at odds over her surprise pregnancy.


Fifty Shades Freed Summary by E.L. James
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