Fighting Against the Growing Number of Hungry Children

The latest statistics on hungry American children is staggering. With an estimated 16 million children fighting to find enough food to stop their tummy from grumbling from hunger each year, the numbers are continuing to rise as more children end up on the streets with their parents in tent villages or abandoned buildings. What was supposed to become the hope of the next generation suddenly becomes a homeless and hungry child with no hope for tomorrow – and that is devastating. You can help fight the growing number of hungry children in three simple ways.

Fighting Against the Growing Number of Hungry Children

Volunteer Together

Instead of heading out to a dinner and movie with your friends, why not change the activity once a month to include a group volunteer afternoon at a local women’s and children’s shelter. You can play with the children while mothers relax, help prepare the evening meal, or take stock of what donations come in. Not only will you help brighten the lives of the children, but you may also find your heart a little lighter as well.

Make Donations

When Eyal Gutentag found about the 48.8 million people living on the streets, he fought back by making a large donation from his charity to support nutritious food for those children. You can do the same thing with the help of your friends or coworkers. Why not make a group donation once a month by using the money you would have spent at the local club or restaurant? The money can go a long way toward feeding hungry children.

Collect Dry Goods

Clothing, blankets, and shoes are in short supply as young bodies grow during the year. You and your friends can clean out your closets and share the items with a local shelter so the little children can stay warm as they grow.

Your small actions can help homeless children in great ways. Get your friends together and multiply the number of children you can help.

Fighting Against the Growing Number of Hungry Children
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