Find the Fence That’s Right for You

Fences are a necessity to mark the borders of your yard, keep strangers out, and keep pets and youngsters in. But they can also be part of your yard design and look great while doing good. Consider these different types of fences when planning your outdoor decor. Some may require fencing contractors columbus ohio; others, you may be able to put up on your own.

Find the Fence That Right for You

The Classics

A whitewashed wood picket fence is a classic look. Chain link is strong and serious but also see-through and climb-able if you need to hop over. For ultimate privacy, go with a cinder block wall fence that really means business. You may not be able to see over it, but that means outsiders won’t be able to see in.

Mixing Up Materials

That picket fence doesn’t really need to be wooden or painted, as it turns out. Panels of white vinyl pickets are easy to plant and never weather, splinter, or fade. Instead of chain link, make your metal fence with wrought-iron bars for a fancy and formal look. If you do want wood, tall close-set slats can give as much seclusion as those cinder blocks but look more homey and natural.

Solid and See-Through

A glass fence may be a good choice for surrounding a pool; while it creates a necessary barrier, it also allows you to see everything that’s going on, even from a bit of a distance. If you’re mostly concerned with keeping the family dog close to home, you may not need to build an actual physical fence at all. Invisible fences create a boundary that will be unpleasant for critters fitted with a coordinating collar to cross.

Whether your fence is high and mighty or low and homey, your yard will be neater and more planned-out looking for it. And as they say, good fences make good neighbors.

Find the Fence That’s Right for You
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