Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Business

Businesses are increasingly turning to more non-traditional lenders to gain needed financing. The thought of approving a loan to someone that has tax liens, filed bankruptcy, or less than perfect credit is unheard of with most lending institutions. Flexible business financing might be the better option.

Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Business

Loans That Can Happen If You Have Troubled Credit

Being turned down for financing due to dents and dings on your credit can be frustrating. Many traditional lending institutions hold bad marks on credit history against you. There are less traditional lenders that do not view a poor credit history as a disqualifying factor. Many lenders do not even use personal credit score as a determining factor in approving the loan at all.

Funds to Cover Payroll and Equipment

There are times that money is going out of the business at a faster pace than it comes in. Getting a little boost to the finances can help you get payroll covered, or get and maintain needed equipment. A flexible business loan gives you the breathing space needed to keep moving forward. You do not have to wait for invoices to be paid before purchasing a piece of equipment that will help make the job easier and business more productive.

Get the Capital You Need to Grow and Expand

Most small businesses look forward to being able to grow and eventually expand operations, services or product offerings. It takes a certain amount of capital to do this. A flexible business loan is the perfect solution if your main funds are tied up in the day-to-day operations. It gives you the extra money necessary to add new marketing strategies, buy new equipment to expand, or introduce new branded products.

Why Wait for Invoices When You Can Have Cash Now?

There are flexible loans available that you can get based on unpaid invoices. The payback period is comfortable, but it frees you from having to sit and wait for money to come to you. You can end up missing out on great deals for your business by having to take the sit and wait for payment route.

Contact a non-traditional business loan specialist like Flex Business Capital, or click here to find out how your business can get financing today!

Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Business
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