Furnishing an Office on a Budget

A startup can be the ticket to your success, but without a good office space, you may find that creating a high level of creativity and innovation hard to do. Even if you have a small budget for setting up an office space, you can still get what you need and keep both employees and clients happy.

While much of your office budget will go into paying for the space itself, you will still have to consider a few major office purchases up front. Here are some ways you can keep your costs low and still set up a great working environment.

Furnishing an Office on a Budget

Rent Furniture
The option to rent furniture instead of buying can be affordable in certain situations. For many businesses, renting is easier than buying when you are in a quick growth cycle and need to move into bigger spaces every few months. Renting can also be a great way to not have to worry about the costs of moving furniture from office space to office space as you grow. It’s also helpful to rent some items while buying others, especially if you don’t know how often you will use a particular piece of furniture.

Purchase Used Furniture
When you want to buy instead of rent, you can find huge bargains on office furniture if you know where to look. Often used furniture can be just as nice as if you were buying new, but maybe the style is a bit outdated. You can find everything from used office cubicles to meeting tables and reception area seating. If the style seems dated, you can invest a small amount of money in recovering or painting the existing furniture to match the style of your office.

Keep Spaces Flexible
Another way to get an office you love without investing a large sum is to make sure that the spaces you use can be repurposed when necessary. If you have only a single meeting room, for example, and your business only meets with clients occasionally, you can easily set up the meeting room for a client’s comfort without having to have any sort of special reception room or additional office for these meetings. That way, every area would serve multiple functions, making it easier to spend less on furniture.

Furnishing an Office on a Budget
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