Give Your Worker’s Compensation Claim the Best Chances for Approval

When you’re injured at work, you’re entitled to workers compensation benefits to offset the costs of your medical care and lost wages. However, the insurance company your employer hires to pay out on those claims will do whatever it can to reduce the amount it pays out. If they can find cause to deny the claim altogether, so much the better for them. This is why it’s important to know what to do after any workplace accident.

Give Your Worker Compensation Claim the Best Chances for Approval

The first thing you want to do is to report the injury to your supervisor and request medical treatment. Even if the injury doesn’t seem severe, you should still seek a medical evaluation to determine the exact nature of the injury. It may worsen over time, or the insurance company may view your refusal to get medical treatment unfavorably. They may even use this as grounds to deny your claim.

Your next step in the process should be to consult a workers comp lawyer Oregon. While you don’t necessarily need to hire an attorney to handle your claim process, it is often helpful. In addition to ensuring your application is filled out properly, all requested documents are submitted, and all deadlines are met, your attorney can also advise you on increasing your chances for a positive outcome.

For instance, your lawyer may recommend that you stay off of social media sites until your case has been settled. Insurance companies will access your posts and use photos, comments, and other types of posts against you. Additionally, you may be advised to refrain from talking about your case with anyone. There’s no telling who is really on your side, so it’s better not to take any chances.

If your claim is denied, your attorney will be informed about your case and prepared to appeal the decision. This is when having an attorney will really work to your advantage. There may be any number of reasons that the insurance company denied your claim, but an experienced workers compensation lawyer will know how to respond to those charges. Your attorney will be prepared to develop a strategy for gaining an approval in your case, so you can receive the benefits you deserve.

Give Your Worker’s Compensation Claim the Best Chances for Approval
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