H-2A Visa Program – Tight Labor Supply

Over the past year, the unemployment rate has dipped to its lowest point in decades. Employers in various industries are struggling to fill open positions for many reasons. Many employees do not wish to relinquish current jobs due to pay rates which were agreed upon before wages dipped slightly. For technology-based roles, there are a wide variety of companies that continue to struggle to find workers with appropriate skill sets. In the case of the agricultural industry, this might be the tightest sector of the economy in terms of labor. Since a lot of Americans are unwilling to work on the farm, farmers are turning to things such as the h2a guest worker program to fill positions.

H-2A Visa Program – Tight Labor Supply

Growing Demand for H-2A Program

The economy is in a strange place at the moment due to new technological developments and current trends in society. College students switch majors frequently as the most desired skill sets continue to change seemingly every year. With the world transforming into the physical manifestation of the internet, physical labor is beginning to phase out of the economy. With this said, citizens around the world still have to eat and depend on the agricultural sector. Unsurprisingly, college graduates are not looking to become farmers after spending tens of thousands on higher education. With this being the case, farmers are forced to rely on foreign workers to help keep operations in good-standing.

Focusing on North American Unity

While it is not guaranteed, it is highly likely that you have at least one social media account. With this account, you can converse with individuals you know and people you will most likely never meet. People commonly unite with others across the globe for common issues that plague humanity as a whole. The continent of North America needs to embrace this form of unity and create guest worker programs which benefit all parties involve moving forward.

H-2A Visa Program – Tight Labor Supply
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