Healing Naturally with Naturopathic Medicine

Winnipeg is a becoming a hub for naturopathic medicine, which is undergoing a new resurgence due to the growing distrust of pharmacological medicine. While the drug industry and doctors certainly have their place in medicine, many people are becoming aware of the benefits of natural medicine.

As it becomes more recognized among doctors and researchers, there are more natural health courses Winnipeg than ever. Whether you are looking for diploma courses for yourself or a bachelor’s degree, natural medicine is a fast growing and respected field that helps those looking to increase their body and mind wellness.

Healing Naturally with Naturopathic Medicine

Natural Medicine Vs. Conventional Medicine

Natural medicine has a reputation of going against the teachings of traditional medicine, but recent years have begun to show that sometimes the best treatment requires both fields. Traditional medicine will typically focus on specific parts of the body, targeting symptoms in that area and treating them. Natural medicine attempts to treat the whole body and focuses on preventative medicine to discourage the need for further treatment.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

As with any doctor, a well-trained naturopathic physician will follow a few basic principles:

  • Preventative medicine: A major principle in natural medicine is the focus on preventative medicine. This means creating better diet and exercise plans to prevent early onset diseases such as diabetes, as well as ways to increase immune system strength and longevity.
  • Holistic treatments: A doctor dealing in naturopathic medicine doesn’t just treat symptoms; he or she will consider mental, physical and environmental factors, among many others, to increase the wellness between mind and body.
  • A focus on education: A naturopathic doctor will try to educate the patient on how to better care for his or her body and mind to prevent further issues, rather than merely treating symptoms.

With the growing recognition of the validity of natural medicine as an effective preventative tool, there is an increasing need for qualified naturopathic doctors. Now is the best time to witness the benefits for yourself.

Healing Naturally with Naturopathic Medicine
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