Hello all of you are on the road looking for scholarship

Up to this point the results of the 2010 Fall season I apply also had out, today I want to write something to thank those who have helped me throughout the process to apply, as would like to share with you the experience of myself on the way to conquering the full scholarship Master.

First of all thank the EMUS in 2009 and 2010, the HSP in Trento and Polimi, the companion of TTUSOL and USAPhD, and a lot of other siblings have given me invaluable information, for helping me throughout the process of apply.

Hello all of you are on the road looking for scholarship

Now go to the main purpose of this article is to share the experience with you. The first is about the profile and results apply to my past season:

Under. School: one in China (unranked)

Major: CS

GPA: 85/100 (ranking: n/a)

Graduated: not yet.

Awards: 2 Gov. Scholarships, 1st Prize comprehensive math blocks HSG-Texas Univesity News.

LoRs: 2 USA Associate Prof. (unknown)

Foreign languages: USA, English (IELTS 7.0), basic Japanese.

No pubs, no research exp, no work exp.

Extracurricular activities: Many.

[Admissions]: NordSecMob (RL 6 x), EuMI (RL).

[Offers]: ICT Trento Fellowship (tuition fee + € 550/month, Declined), UTS Twente (€ 40 k, Declined), HSP for VU Texas HS (tuition fee + the rounded-trip flight tickets + visa fee + € 1380/month, Accepted).

Part 1: MY STORY

“Go to school, see friends around who went pro in English, then in turn also to study, while my English is almost the worst grade, should feel very inferiority when mentioning this subject. Actually I believe in his ability, just because I don’t yet have the conditions to learn English. That dream was my English just flare up and then be extinguished several times, the main reason is because there is no condition, and I also do not want to burden for parents.

To the school, the USA dream was shelved due to the focus of study for good USA to ensure the University. Almost 2 years I don’t hit a bad English, has more than a dumb brute cretins. That time I am crushed by the new network have exposed conditions, should also quit school or classroom just to sleep so many nights awake. So time passed, until I know there is a scholarship program of the city where I am studying. The amount the SHP may not enough for me to study English to, if this scholarship, I would have enough money to study and English. So I apply for this scholarship, the result is I’m slipping, while a lot of my friends are … I’m not sad because the cause is too simple, the neglect of study as I do that a scholarship. So I quit the Internet, return to education according to their ability, with the aim of achieving the other scholarship, to step forward on the road to make his dream. In one semester, I bursted and GPA the semester stand top 10 of the faculty, to the joy of breaking both school points when Boo, I won a scholarship of the city of batches I apply again 2. I started registering the basic English class at the school, the course fairly low points first, and only about 6 x/100, and then gradually up 7 x and 8 x. To year 3 for me to get scholarship money on, and I was out for his determination is off in 3 to get by the IELTS to apply scholarship Master. I threw the entire amount on registration and IELTS IELTS registration, plus buy one mp3 serves for learning. Within 5 months, I almost never have a day of rest: during the week, then go to school from morning to evening due to articles in 3 pretty much, last week, then caught the subway up IELTS Centre. I have to learn how to arrange time for most reasonable, to just meet the work in class, just have the time IELTS review, just had time for his family and the love of me. Last month I suffered the most stress, because just to do one internship, just in the stage Sprint to take an IELTS exam. Immediately after the end of the internship is the day I take an IELTS exam. And life has not thought of, I was 7.0 in IELTS in the surprised and astonished many.

Have an IELTS qualification in hand, I have made half of his dream, I was full of confidence and enthusiasm to prepare records apply full scholarship Master. This stage has at difficult and have met with failure, but I’m always optimistic and believe that he will have the results deserve the effort and try. For now, I’ve done was his dream, there is the prestigious scholarship and achievement.

Thank you friends, family, lovers have always beside me, to help me at times I am tired. And hope that my friends, who are experiencing temporary failure, will continue to stand up and go forward, because life will not betray those who try and attempt their utmost. ”


I’m also starting to like people, do not know where to scholarship search, the mold is google with keywords like “General Scholarship”, “full scholarship”, etc. And then I know to USAAbroader, SVDuhoc, I was awake a lot last night to read the posts or, the SoPs of the people, and I know that a lot of people they try to overcome the difficulty of how to win scholarships. I’m up for his spirit, Cot seconds despite all difficulties must also try to make long dream.

On the time of year 3, my average score was 83/100, but the point in 1 + 2 is not good, only in 3 is quite a bit more, so I started looking for those scholarships that focus on the point in 3 + years 4. I also started with US, but then I saw mostly scholarship for PhD, that I myself have not yet intend to study PhD, plus other causes as yet have GRE … should I abandon US. After finding out, I moved to Canada, because almost the only point of the school of their review in 3 + 4, and it is important to have a scholarship for Master degree. I also home to email Professor excuses, some near the 100 for a professor in the school, and didn’t get any answer satisfactory. There is a Mrs. Prof. at school Manitoba there mail via the mail back to me most, keep contact to 2 months, but the last time she came back that might just get me do not have student fund for me, how do I turn a blind eye for absurd poured into that quite a lot of time and effort to read her papers (which that written mail) … Later I realized that due to my lack of Research Exp. Scholarship type, so please contact the Professor is very difficult. Finally, I moved to Europe and began to learn the source of the scholarship of Europe.


The channels looking for scholarship information as follows:

-Use of the information sources available from TTUSOL, USAPhd, there must be the topics as “full scholarship list” of Rome in TTUSOL sister, and then the opportunity scholarship entry countries PhD, I sat to read each one and then aggregate the information.

-Want to search for scholarships by a certain country, I often search the site name, and then water + studyin from that link to the information. For example, Study in Sweden â € “SWEDEN.SE

, studyindenmark.dk, www.studyinnorway.no, studyinaustralia.gov.au, www.nuffic.nl,etc. The keyword associated average Scholarship: scholarship, funding, financial aid, financial support, grant, award, … you just find the item with that keyword is information.

-Use the portal on scholarship as www.getscholarship.net, scholarship-positions.com, www.eastchance.com/anunt_index.asp?q=eu,sch&start=1

-Use the dedicated search engine, for example, you search for scholarships in the Netherlands can not know to www.grantfinder.nl

-Search for information available in the foreign forum. As we all see is the TQ population scholarship program, India and Pakistan are very much, so I focus looking scholarship of forum countries. The site I found is pakistanscholarships.com (the site of Pakistan, but much information for international scholarship); bbs.taisha.org, bbs.gter.net (2 this forum of TQ, not you can still use google translate tool to read http://translate.google.com).

-Use knowledge of the google search engine. You need to know the tail stands for the country, for example Denmark .dk, Sweden is .se, Germany is the Netherlands, is Belgium .be, .nl, etc. Then search the model as follows:

“site:. de master scholarship”, and then change keyword goes, more from specialization in, takes out the scholarship information in the respective countries.

-Keep track of information about the scholarship on the website of the Ministry of EDUCATION & TRAINING www.moet.gov.US, www.vied.US Bureau of foreign training, and some universities in Vietnam as Hanoi …

-Use the observation and analysis of information. When I read the post on the forum or website, see you would would that college scholarships, I google about that school, immediately adjacent, and then navigate to the school’s scholarship to search.

You can reference here : Top 20 E-Learning and Blackboard training institutions in USA


The selection of scholarship to apply is also important, since many carpet then spend money + time consuming, so must “lay selectively”, how his ability to reach the highest scholarship. Want to know what’s in her hand, not have something, the old stuff was said, “know yourself know countless wins” is like.

As said above, my biggest defect is no research experience + work experience and also physically last year (because I apply when new year 3). GPA but that is not high but can also be considered a pass, considered as necessary conditions are met. My strong point, I think is the SEAMLESS of the awards that I achieved, foreign languages and extracurricular activities, plus a strong spirit that I will express in the SoP. Speaking through a little bit about the SEAMLESSNESS of the awards, in my case IE: level 3 results good, level 3, there are scholarships going to school in TQ, TQ time in the back of the place. I myself find that this very important characteristics in the scholarship application, it shows the entrance to the Council was his constant excellence, and in the message of the market VU Texas HSterdam introduced me up Admission Council HSP, the coordinators have emphasized this characteristic of me (which I have planned and performed in SoP when the apply to field). So I strongly recommend you try to show the characteristics of the application for his scholarship.

After thorough consideration, I decided to apply the following scholarships:

-Course Erasmus Mundus NordSecMob: I like to do about InfoSec should at first I just apply per course EM. Still know that I very appreciate your consistent applicant’s background with course features, through research and work exp exp., I lack the 2 things, but I still like to experimented with it because I am passionate about and do through a few related stuff. However, also because of lack of relevant research exp. + work exp. should majority SoP said what I had to do, self study, so I didn’t have much space to talk about the other point, which is probably why I only been on RL rank 6 x. Knowing the results, I’m somewhat sad because RL so low, but then again there is also research results, firstly this is my first application should not yet have much experience, the second main reason is I can not currently be yourself fit this course (academically).

-The second I apply is the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Through the webwww.grantfinder.nl page I found the University of Twente scholarship information (UTS 40 k), read through the criteria of them I found himself is also quite appropriate, because the scholarship just ask good academic extracurricular activities that contribute to society is also good, and leadership skills, I find myself all meet. So I have apply for the purpose of Twente, apply both UTS and Nomination of Twente to apply HSP. In the end they didn’t give me the Nomination early, and yet for HSP I Nomination for UTS, where I wait to April and then they will answer. (Note that the scholarship of the Faculty also require Nomination, UTS and scholarship of the University Council will review again before giving the final result). Master of science co., mail me the reason for my Nomination didn’t deny the Twente HSP is because those are their higher GPA my Nomination. Knowing this information, I have felt them quite focused to Twente’s GPA, seems this is the first review their criteria. So I had abandoned the HSP for Twente, just waiting on the opportunity with UTS. True, I mail back to the teacher asked about UTS, and one more important thing is that I send more for master GPA my latest semester 2 (3.9 x 3.6 x and pretty high), because I think they “love high GPA,” send more know where to leave are impressive and are to nominate. Result, the master has to nominate me up the school’s scholarship Board, and asked me to send specific transcripts of this semester 2 + thesis subject that I’m doing. Finally, I be UTS 40 k. So the judge and confident dare follow their judgements are also very important to you, so please bear difficult situation see the thought and reaction given truth standard.

-The third One I apply is Texas HS, with the purpose of SLANDERING apply more to increase the chances of being HSP Nomination. Truth is, VU long, Twente then apply Texas HS was finally Nomination before, and help me succeed with HSP. My experience here is should have backup for his plan, in case not as expected to happen.

-The 4th I apply is EuMI, although this year the course official as this year, the scholarship is not 48 k which is only 15 k by universities extracted, but I just apply more backup, just apply online spend had 16 k USD money fax. In fact, initially I did not know this information, but tracking or website of ICT Trento should I know this year they give scholarships of the consortium, should I apply, and think that few people know this information so I have the ability. In the end I still on RL rank 9, then be ICT Trento for college scholarships.

-The rest I apply is Westminster (UK), PoliTorino (Italy), UNSW (Australia, preparing to apply End. but perhaps bh only).

To say a bit more about why I choose to apply Netherlands and HSP Scholarship: you can see is almost anyone apply I also try to apply if the HSP. Those who apply I do not have limits of 2 years of graduation, and this limited the HSP, HSP General intangible, so had shrunk the pool of applicants, has helped us eliminate the sister he had the seniority and experience of research … Furthermore, to get a Nomination from the school also considered as overcome. And more importantly in the criteria of the HSP, I just see no requirement for academic excellence, but don’t say anything about the study or to work, that’s what I’m missing.

A further point which is probably the less attention, it is the Dutch schools usually require both whore level 3 when the apply Master (HSP, they generally are sent transcripts and diploma, I’m sending all University and all level 3). Profile level 3 of me quite well, as do I more confident when choosing the Netherlands and HSP. And in the end I was successful with his decisions. So you would have the profile level 3 good should submit when apply the Netherlands and HSP, will likely be plus points.

Through his experience, I think the analysis pros cons of yourself and choose suitable scholarship to apply a very important role in achieving ultimate success. So you just painstakingly removed the time sit to review yourself, thanks to everyone who commented, to make the next move.


After choosing the scholarship to apply, then the preparatory phase profile and apply was the most tiring period, most coming under the decision directly to the work you get a scholarship or not. So you have to focus the best for this period.

Can see that you have the glitter profile (High School GPA, top rank high, full, good LoRs awards, int’l pubs pimp back some, work experience international national range), they apply and are probably the only scholarship is the matter of procedures, their profile may have a few small shortcomings , SoP they could write true or not, but they all still be scholarships because the profile is too strong. Then we, the humans just enough user profile and ready ready, there are a few side cannot compete with them, how to still get a scholarship. The only way is to draw out the tactics apply, prepare application carefully written Sops or LoRs, your ultimate goal is to maximize the chance of his scholarship, to stand out among thousands of other records.

Speaking through a bit of the preparatory phase, I see a lot of you at the TOEFL/IELTS apply, i.e. the range at about 9.10, 11 months, then took the point to be added to the same record to file. To do so you will not have much time to prepare well for the his profile, because moderate focus, moderate noise test alarmed the paperwork, and then find out the information about the school. So, why not split it out, each time, we get the best preparation for each stage? Time Schedule of I like this:

July contest is completed and the IELTS-> August search field, scholarship + notary papers-September > write SoP + > October-LoRs submitted resumes.

Because there is a detailed plan as such, so I can concentrate the mind for every stage to prepare best for the his profile. And also that the step I do is very convenient and fast, without obstacles.

That would be called has to learn about the school and a scholarship plan to apply?

Basically, it means you’ve toss website up, know the entry requirements, required documents. Many of you asked that saw required docs on the web must include the a, b, c, but the lack of a second or third lack b, then there is not. Already known as required documents so that you prepare for full, you write a mail to ask the school that they don’t answer for you don’t be angry. One more thing is please read carefully section Eligibility of each scholarship, see if we can SATISFY ALL of the conditions they stated no, to avoid loss of time apply and was eliminated from the first round. The more you apply the scholarship that they write is clearly only for EU/EEA, which keep crashing head on apply??? When you learn about the school, please read the FAQs section again, the questions you wonder most is located at. Some cases you do not satisfy the conditions in the category Eligibility still apply, just read the FAQs section is there. (If other people find the information you need on the website of the school, that you can’t find, then you are not fit to apply for the scholarship. Do your homework please!)

Basically, the longer learn more detail as follows: Google or everything (through friends, facebook, forum, networking, …) to find things related to that scholarship: analysis + the situation in statistics of scholarship (A), the most important elements of that scholarship is nothing (B), who successfully apply for scholarships that profile + applications of them backed out (C). Want to achieve (A), (B) the only way to earn + reading + analysis yourself information only. Want to achieve (C), in addition to the information on the channel, you can go to see in college you apply entries not read into it, dancing Alumni see siblings US would not, read their article and see what information is obtained (they studied would, do about something, etc.). If that search is too great, then their contacts. Find the contact is good, is hard to contact them to ask questions, but ask intelligent questions plz!. Please express yourself is prepared, there to learn, don’t have anything to ask, does anyone with enough patience and enthusiasm to reply to you the cỏn problem.

A further problem is the sort of information: for each school or every scholarship you apply, create a separate Folder on your Firefox Bookmarks, respectively, then each read to the important information as the requirement, deadline, etc related to the school hallway or scholarships, please save all to the Folder above. Doing so will save a lot of time for you!

About SoPs, LoRs:

In addition to the elements can not change such as GPA, school, rank, awards …, then you can only expect to SoPs, LoRs to increase scholarship opportunities. Then write how real or true, persuade, how to stand out among other applications, is the endless issues that concern you.

To get LoRs or, then you should calculate at least 1 year. Why do I say so? That is in the process of learning, you have to choose yourself the Referee potential, who have the ability to write LoR or for you, or you can apply a signature in an easy way. Then approach the Referee this potential, present yourself, your stars for the Referee it have good impression on you, and UNDERSTAND who YOU are. For example in my case, I have 3 year 1st semester to Italy and picked out two potential Referees for themselves. After you have selected so, I begin to express themselves: I tried to register to courses that have the 2 Referees for this teaching, trying to ask them the questions in class, trying to reach the high score. More particularly, the summer period 3 I chose one of them to do one of my Internship Supervisor (and I also was selected as the team leader anymore). Thus, although 2 of my Referees does not have the reputation, but to me they LoRs says is Fantastic!!!

To the writing process, the experience of the people + the writing very much, here I would like to share his experience in writing SoPs and LoRs:

-Depending on the requirements and criteria of each scholarship that written SoPs + reader sees his star LoRs fit the criteria of that scholarship.

-Make cycle Reading — Writing — Revising, i.e. first to read the sample articles to learn how to write them, find the idea; then embark on writing; Thanks to everyone then finish writing this page + myself. Keep repeating until such would have a fit.

-When writing then formed the Outline of Italy need written before (headline-style), then grow up into a complete article. Try to answer MOST of the questions that require scholarship, trying to BALANCE the mind, and CONNECT these with each other.

-In SoPs try mentioned several possible to what there is in the other factors. Don’t say much about awards, academic achievement that they could see in your CV, let’s talk about things like what you have done is related to their field of study attempting to apply (the past), why you want to study up on this industry (current), finished it, you achieve something as intended (future).

LoRs In then please share the characteristics of written (RAISE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES RATHER THAN WRITE GENERIC), and the sometimes intersecting LoRs in one or two particular characteristics, to see the Council ALL STRONGLY POINT in man himself.

-How do I myself when writing Sops, LoRs: download the documentation writing + collect a few sample of those who successfully apply the type of scholarship, then print them out, and then sat reading + analysis or sentences, or (using highlight pen), the last is applied to its own article with the particular example of yourself.

Preparation of records and send away as you have completed the greater part of his work, but “backstage work” was also important and indispensable.

Send resumes go, you must contact the school to ask if they had received the record yet, records are missing, to promptly added.

Contact the school for how effective?

A lot of you complaining about the email asked market that forever don’t see reply, create psychological anxiety and not reassuring. Please note with you that time, apply a lot of records, and do email for very horrible, so they do not answer the most understandable thing also. Here I quote again the experience which he had written on the Forum to share with you (for schools in other countries also apply similar):

“To other schools quickly + the Twente reply when I contact ask, my experience is: mail ask them games 7-8 am (now their party) + games 14 h-15 h (hours of their party). At that time they started working the morning shift (or ca), that range will you mail in their Inbox in the first Page, is that they seen first when Log in to mail ~ ~ > they will reply. Of course that’s my own personal speculation, but I have applied this way quite ok and they will mail back in the day, or always was the next day.

Specifically for Twente, 2 h-dimensional range you mail US. Can convert to timezone: http://www.timezoneconverter.com

Add 1 more tip that is the subject of the mail, subject attractive 1 Ty then they’ll pay attention. For example, regardless of what the question, its also to subject is: “Did you receive my application package?”, slightly bananas 1 Ty but that address the ”

The stage is so fucked, now just waiting. Note in this phase should still keep in touch with the school, so they have to ask themselves what did respond immediately.



In the whole process of apply for the scholarship, the luck factor also has referred to. I myself, the notion that luck factor can also do ourselves we make up. By the way? It is trying to help the people around, then life will bring luck for themselves.

If you get the scholarship, then refused the scholarship that you do not intend to go quickly is also a way to help and create opportunities for others. So please decide quickly and take action!


Expect that the above experience I can help you in the process of conquering the full scholarship, made a study of the dream itself. And when did it, please spend your precious time back here to share the experience with you until then.

I wish you luck and success!

Hello all of you are on the road looking for scholarship
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