Help With Hay: Tips For Buying What You Need

If you’re new to the hobby farming world, the question of hay for your small flock of goats or small herd of cattle or horses may be a pressing one. There seems to be a lot of options and it’s difficult to know if you are getting the best product possible for your livestock. How do you know how to handle the hay situation?

Help With Hay Tips For Buying What You Need

Purchasing Hay

Hay, whether in round or square bales, is sold by weight, which is a difficult thing to estimatedue to the number of factors involved. The average price for a bale of hay varies wildly from season to season and from region to region. It’s important to compare prices of various farms in your area before buying hay to ensure you are not fleeced.

Storing Hay

Hay should be stored in a cool and dry space with good air flow. Hay has been known to self-ignite if in a warm dry space with poor airflow. The bales pressed up against each other are such perfect insulation that they keep the innermost bale hot enough to burn.

Moving Hay

If you bale your own hay, you’ll probably want 2-4 strong persons to help load the hay onto the trailer. If you are using round bales you’ll need a bale spear tractor supply. You also need to consider where said hay will be stored. Hay bales are much too heavy to be moved any more than you have too.

Choosing Hay

There are a number of varieties of hay products to choose from, and you should research your specific animal’s needs and recommended eating products. The primary grasses, which might change depending on your region are ryegrass, timothy grass, fescue, and orchard grass. Also, consider supplementing with alfalfa.

Enjoy your new hobby farm! Every little quirk that your goats have will be on their way into your heart in no time.

Help With Hay: Tips For Buying What You Need
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