Holistic Medicine Offers Total Health Awareness and Management Techniques

Holistic medical treatment is one that takes a wide angle view of all possibilities when it comes to the management of good health and wellness. Holistic doctors take the time to discover all possible underlying reasons for illness and chronic conditions for better consistent treatment.

Holistic Medicine Offers Total Health Awareness and Management Techniques

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is the perfect blend of medical science with the linking of mental, physical and spiritual wellness capabilities that all humans possess. It is a more natural approach to keeping the body healthy, rather than loading it with pharmaceutical products. The intent is to create the ability for patients to maintain good health instead of fixing things as they break.

Are Holistic Medical Practitioner’s Licensed?

As with any doctor, you only want to deal with those that are board certified and licensed to practice medicine. Holistic doctors are generally real doctors of medicine that have attained all of the education and experience necessary to safely treat patients.

Can a Holistic Doctor Help With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is one of the leading causes of prescription drug abuse. Holistic doctors strive to find a combination of therapies to counteract chronic pain and leave drugs as the last resort. Physical therapy, localized pain relief injections, medical hypnosis and many other methods can often give the patient a higher quality of life without the risk of prescription pain medicine addiction.

Will Holistic Medicine Work for Weight Loss?

Holistic medicine is the perfect solution for patients suffering obesity. Bariatric medicine on the holistic level takes much more into account than counting calories and nutrition. There are normally spiritual, mental and emotional issues at play that are as harmful as simply making poor dietary choices. A holistic doctor Los Angeles will look at the whole picture to help resolve the weight management problem.

Is Acupuncture Part of Holistic Medical Treatment?

Traditional Chinese acupuncture uses sterile needles inserted just under the skin to treat all sorts of ailments. Medical acupuncture uses the needles at a variety of pressure points, but they also incorporate light electrical shock to the needles, which stimulates the nerves and lessens the severity of conditions like chronic pain, insomnia and many others.

Will My Insurance Cover a Holistic Doctor?

You will need to contact your insurance carrier to make sure that certain alternative treatments are covered, but many are happy to give holistic methods a try in the interest of increasing health and wellness.

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Holistic Medicine Offers Total Health Awareness and Management Techniques
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