how to fix a cracked door

Most of us would agree that it’s no fun to dealing with a settling foundation. As the cracks begin to form, doors stop closing like they used to and windows as well. Unfortunately, the damage only gets worse with time and changing weather conditions until you’ve got major problems as a result of you cracked foundation.

how to fix a cracked door

Not All Cracks are Created the Same

Not all cracks are created equally. In other words, those small hairline cracks you may notice in your home may very well be the result of natural settling, which is harmless. Those can often be fixed with a little sealant. However, those larger cracks often signify problems with your foundation.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are more than likely evidence that your foundation is settling unevenly. The foundation has sunken lower in some areas than others. If you’re noticing these signs it’s just a matter of time before you start having problems with doors, windows, and walls. Doors will begin to stick or not close at all, and windows may be difficult to open. You may also notice cracks in the walls. The symptoms point to serious problems with the foundation of your home and no security turnstile will make a difference.

Doors & Windows

Clearly, foundation problems cause structural damage to your home. As mentioned earlier, one of the more obvious signs of the damage will be problems with doors and windows. In fact, throw weather into the mix and those hot humid days may make it difficult to open doors at all. Unfortunately, if the foundation goes untouched after all the signs have started suffering the structural damage to your home will only become worse. The foundation will continue to shift, expand and contract as a natural result of time and seasonal climate changes. The sooner you do something about your foundation, the better.

An unstable foundation spells trouble for any homeowner. Your house will definitely let you know that it’s having problems in the form of cracks, uneven floors, misaligned doors and windows that don’t close easily. Clearly, the impact of an unstable foundation can have grave results. A bad foundation will impact the structural integrity of your home negatively and the effects will only get worse with the passage of time, unfortunately. Once you witness these signs, make foundation repair a priority to prevent further damage to your foundation.

how to fix a cracked door
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