How To Frame Your House

When moving to a new home, you have the option of buying one that has been previously lived in or building a new structure of your own. If you choose the latter option, you can cut the construction costs associated with it by doing the work on your own. Here are a few steps to building your house. 

Constructing the Foundation

Once you have excavated the area where you plan to build, you can lay the house foundation. Order a dumpster to be delivered to handle the waste that will come with the construction. Prepare the footings below the frost line so they can expand and contract in the cold. Have the trenches inspected for accuracy and safety, then make the concrete to pour into them. Set up the drain to draw moisture away from the footings. When they are set, build the rest of the walls with blocks until it is complete. Seal the stone to keep water from getting inside the home 

Connect To the Street

Before the walls and roof can go up, you will need to have the plumbing and electrical run out of the house to where they will meet up with the community’s utilities. This is a task that a professional should handle for you. They will dig a trench to the street and then lay the pipe from the structure to it. They will be connected to the home then the lines will be covered with dirt. A final connection to the sewer lines or electrical box will be made before they leave. 

Pour the Concrete   

Place the foam board insulation for the slab you will be pouring then spread a layer of gravel over it. You will need to lay at least four inches of rock before continuing on. After that, you will add the plastic vapor layer. Finally, a mesh reinforcement made of wire is set on top of it all. Make a list of the areas on your property that will need concrete then order the amount of truckloads you will need to complete the jobs. This would include a basement or garage if you are planning to construct those. Ensure that the cement is smooth and level then let it dry until it is cured. Once it is ready, you can bring in the wood you will need for the frame. Be sure to add the nails, insulation, and other items you will need to the order so you can continue with your task. 

How To Frame Your House
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