How to Green Your Apartment Complex

When it comes to renting out units in your apartment complex, it’s important to appeal to what prospective tenants want. Entrepreneurs such as Steven Taylor Landlord know how to get the most out of their investment. Today, many prospective tenants are looking for apartments that help them to live a greener lifestyle. If you’re thinking about making your apartment a little greener, here are five tips to do so.

How to Green Your Apartment Complex

Reduce Water Usage

There are several ways to reduce water usage in your apartment complex. Change out older showerheads and toilets in your units for low-flow alternatives. If you offer on-site laundry, make sure that the washers are energy-efficient. You can also install a drip line irrigation system in your gardens.

Change the Lightbulbs

Exchange incandescent lightbulbs in entryways, hallways, and other common areas for CFLs. Not only do they last longer, but they also use significantly less energy. This results in major cost savings over time.

Use Non-Toxic Materials

Maintenance and updates are a part of owning an apartment complex. When you perform repairs, repaint walls, or make other upgrades, use non-toxic materials. You can also use reclaimed building materials for certain projects.

Hire Locally Owned and Operated Businesses

Hiring local businesses is a great way to green your apartment complex. When you need any services (cleaning, plumbing, electrical), research what local businesses are nearby. Supporting the local economy strengthens it and provides many other amazing benefits.

Add a Community Garden

Offering spaces for your tenants to grow their own flowers and food is a win for everyone. Gardens help to boost your curb appeal. Tenants are encouraged to stay longer because they are invested in their gardening projects and they feel that you truly care about them. For those that choose to grow food, they also save money on their grocery bills.

Adding more green features provides many benefits. Many features can help to save energy, which reduces utility bills. These features also help you to stand out from other apartment complexes and attract more potential tenants.

How to Green Your Apartment Complex
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