Key Things to Know About New Proposed Health Care Bills

President Barrack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, which provided millions of American citizens with access to quality health care. Also called Obamacare or the ACA, the act did not work quite as well as most hoped. Insurance companies gradually increased the prices they charged for plans, which led to some people canceling their policies. Other employers cut back on full-time workers because they didn’t want to pay for insurance for their employees. Republicans like Senator Mike Crapo, Independents like Bernie Sanders and some Democrats all support different new bills that would change health insurance in the nation, but there are some things individuals need to know about these proposed plans.

Key Things to Know About New Proposed Health Care Bills

Age Changes

The way health insurance companies usually offer policies is with a look at the age and general health of each person covered. A family will pay more for health insurance because the family needs coverage for both younger and older people. Medicare, which is a government program, is only open to those over the age of 65. Proposed plans will allow children to enroll in Medicare programs at any age. The age limit will keep dropping to the point where those as young as 35 can enroll.

One Payer

One payer health insurance is something that some Independents and Democrats called for in the past. It would work similar to the way in which socialized medicine works in other countries. Instead of having multiple insurance companies competing for customers, all American citizens would have the right to get insurance through a single payer, which would be the American government. The government would essentially become the customer and would pick a plan that would work for the majority of the general public.

Private Insurance

Republicans often have problems with government insurance because they do not want to put private insurers out of business. With a one payer plan like some want to establish, private insurance would still exist. It’s best to look at the United Kingdom for an example of how this works. The UK offers government health care to each citizen, but those citizens have the right to pay for private insurance too. Those who can afford the cost of private insurance do not need to wait weeks or months to see a specialist and receive care not given to those on a government plan.

Price Drop

Many of the plans proposed by all sides today would lead to an overall price drop. The ACA awards a subsidy to certain people based on how much they make. It also charges residents a fine the following year when they file taxes. Those who do not have insurance will need to pay a fee based on the number of months they did not have insurance as well as their incomes. New plans would further reduce the cost of health insurance and make it easier for anyone working in the United States to get the health care they need.

A large number of Republicans disliked the ACA and announced plans to repel it after President Donald Trump took office. While there are a number of proposed plans floating around, no one plan is the top choice yet. Everyday citizens as well as politicians like Mike Crapo will find a plan that they think is best.

Key Things to Know About New Proposed Health Care Bills
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