Know What To Expect While Preparing for Your Next DOT Physical

Commercial drivers of all sorts are required by applicable law to undergo regular medical examinations. These can vary based on the job and jurisdiction, but it’s always important to be ready for what is in store. Fortunately, knowing the answer to a few simple questions will help anyone prepare for the experience.

Know What To Expect While Preparing for Your Next DOT Physical

What Will the Exam Include?

Even though every situation is unique, there are a few things almost any DOT physical Corpus Christi TX will address. Among the most notable is a urinalysis or some other type of drug screen. This could also include a test for alcohol use. Additionally, the evaluation will probably look for risk factors and underlying issues like high blood pressure. This might be accomplished through a blood test. Along with checkup on things like vision and hearing, there probably isn’t much more required during the visit.

Where Should You Go?

In any large community, there are sure to be numerous clinics and facilities qualified to perform the necessary screens. As an employee, there could be some limitations regarding choice. However, it is important for all individuals undergoing such a physical to feel comfortable with the environment and staff. Knowing the law and all the rights it provides can put a person in a better position for finding the right location.

What Happens Next?

Assuming the results come back within an acceptable range, it’s back to work. Of course, physicals can reveal some issues that need further attention. Treat any warnings seriously and try to improve those numbers by the next time a doctor’s appointment arrives.
All jobs come with some requirements and it is vital that the nation’s professional drivers remain healthy and alert while behind the wheel. If you’re preparing for your next physical, don’t let it cause too much stress. Just focus on what you can control while working toward a clean bill of health.

Know What To Expect While Preparing for Your Next DOT Physical
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