Learn to Play Like a Pro: Instruments 101

Playing an instrument can seem incredibly difficult for somebody who has no formal experience. All those people you see on TV and in concerts practically look like magicians if you’ve never held an instrument in your hands before.

The fact is that learning to play music is something almost anyone can do, at least on a basic level. While you’ll have to put in some serious work to get to the level of the people on stage, it is possible for most people.

Learn to Play Like a Pro

Keep reading to learn more about how you can play like a professional over time.

Get a Teacher

When you first start thinking about music and learning to play, you’re probably thinking about what instrument is right for you. Once you do that, you need to do is find a teacher that knows that instrument well.

Even if you can’t afford to take lessons for years, getting a few basics down will benefit you as a beginning player. What you learn from your teacher will also likely carry through your playing career – even if you’re only learning to play for yourself.

When it comes to playing a musical instrument, the foundation of your skills needs to be rock solid.

Learn Basic Music Theory

Basic music theory can seem abstract and almost like a foreign language when you first look at it. Over time though, the basic principles will begin to make sense and really mean something to you.

Once you master the basics of music theory, you’ll have a whole new understanding of your instrument and how to play it to the best of your abilities. You’ll also have a better overall knowledge of how to compose and play like the pros that you admire.

Practice Daily

You’ve heard it 10,000 times if you’ve heard it once, but with anything that takes work, you need to make a practice schedule you can stick with. For most beginning players, the ideal practice schedule includes at least one hour of actual playing each day.

If you really want to develop as a player faster than normal, music theory instructions and listening can supplement that actually playing time. Time spent playing with other musicians, as well as on your own with a metronome, will also help develop your skills quickly once you know the basics of the instrument.

Learn to Play Like a Pro: Instruments 101
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