Lucrative Careers for Creative People

Art of all kinds makes the world a more beautiful and enjoyable place. No one wants to get stuck in the role of a starving artist, though. Fortunately, there are many career paths where you can use your creativity and make a good living at the same time. Here are three options to consider.


If you have a talent for the visual arts, architecture may be a great path for you. Create large-scale custom designs to give clients their dream homes. Help businesses update their buildings to make their work more efficient. Examples of architectural design Friday Harbor WA, can inspire you to find your own style and niche in the market. No matter how you choose to use your skills, being an architect is typically a rewarding and high-paying career.

Culinary Arts

People who love food, science and beauty tend to flock to culinary school. Becoming a chef is more than just knowing how to feed people well. In your training, you will learn to create exquisite dining experiences. As a culinary artist, not only do you get to experiment with specific combinations of ingredients for unique flavor but you also get to try out different plating options to ensure the most appealing presentation. 

Technical Writing

Technical writing is probably not the career you think of when you think of creative work. After all, the overall goal when writing a manual or some other technical piece is to write clear, straightforward prose with no frills. Figuring out the best way to do this requires its own type of artistry, though. Technical writing gives you the chance to use your attention to detail in a creative way.

You don’t have to suffer for your art in order to pursue a creative outlet in your work. You can choose a career that rewards both your imagination and your pocketbook.

Lucrative Careers for Creative People
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