Management Consulting

Business consulting services result in significantly raising their clients’ increased shareholder values and corporate management performances. The businesses become more profitable, more efficient, more organized, and more productive.

Management Consulting

The firm becomes a knowledgeable partner consultants with a fresh perspective and experienced strategy that helps businesses achieve measurable and sustainable results. We have dedicated that helps to design and then implement any necessary strategic changes throughout all areas and operations of an organization to add to its development and goals through a more successful transformation. Other departments covered include Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationships, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources with additional skill and management development and executive coaching.

A comprehensive and complete business assessment and information and data gathering is done. Operational and performance statistics are reviewed, and then customized recommendations are presented to the executives, who agree to put the ideas into practice.

The value-enabling focus and mission is to work toward achieving the following objectives:

* Improve operational efficiency and employees’ skills
* Strengthening and improving the business systems and strategy
* Improving communication and collaboration between employees
* Increased financial performance
* Improve the competitive position
* Help solve complex problems that might exist

ProGuide Management Resources ( is a global management consulting firm that is over 25 years old and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The excellent professional consultants have partnered with companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Argentina, South America, and Puerto Rico to design and carry through a multitude of strategic objectives. has a multitude of services that cover a wide-range of organizational areas. They are a trusted colleague that is often asked to return and help businesses again when there are new and shifting challenges, and 80 percent of their business comes from partner recommendations. They collaborate with their clients to create a course toward performance excellence and secure a more competitive position in today’s marketplace.

Management Consulting
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