Protecting Your Ranch and Farm Investments from Unexpected Losses

As the owner of a ranch or farm, you already appreciate the value of your horses and cattle. You know that these animals cost a lot of money to buy and maintain. Because they are a source of income for you, you cannot afford to lose them unexpectedly to disasters like theft, floods, lightnings, storms, illness, and accidents.

If you lose an animal in such a way, you risk taking a loss not only to your agricultural or equine productivity but also your ranch or farm’s cash flow. You can safeguard your income and protect your venture from losses by investing in protection like proper fencing, weather warning systems, equine and livestock insurance, guard dogs, and other safeguards today.

Protecting Your Ranch and Farm Investments from Unexpected Losses
How Equine Insurance Works

Equine insurance works akin to any other type of insurance policy. Its value is based on the value of the animal that is insured. You pay monthly or semi-annual premiums to maintain the policy and deductibles if you make a claim much the same as you would on a policy covering your home or car.

Also like insuring your home or car, you must have the animal’s value appraised by the insurer. The insurer will then base the amount of policy on that value. The value of the policy is what you will be paid if the animal is lost to an unexpected circumstance like theft, premature mortality, accidents, and other scenarios.

Having the policy in place allows you to protect the income on which you, your family, and your farming or agricultural venture might rely. You will be able to recoup the money from the animal’s loss by making a claim against the policy that insured it.
Getting Started

How can you get started insuring the horses that you are raising right now? The process starts by going online to the insurer’s website and clicking the Get a Quote link at the top of the page. The link takes you to a form that you can fill out and then submit for an approximate price that your animal can be insured for and for which you can expect to pay each month on the policy’s premium.

Based on the quote, you can then decide whether or not to contact the insurer using one of the customer service numbers found on the website. The website is available anytime.

Protecting Your Ranch and Farm Investments from Unexpected Losses
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