Replacing an entire roof

Roofing experts claim that asphalt shingles are best replaced after 15 to 20 years or so. Replacing an entire roof is expensive, but there are ways to obtain financing for the job or to restrict the job to replacing those aspects of the roof that are severely damaged and causing leaks. Whichever option a residential customer chooses, South Shore Roofing is there to do the job the right way.

Replacing an entire roof

South Shore Roofers Are Up-to-Date With Building Codes
South Shore Roofing’s professionals always keep abreast of the latest community building codes and the latest technologies when it comes to installing, replacing and repairing roofs. They offer free consultation and come to the home to inspect the roof. Other roofers may not do this, so when they show up for the job they might find problems that they did not expect and do not have the tools to repair. Before a job is begun, South Shore’s workers will have all the necessary equipment and all the necessary permits.

South Shore Roofers are Licensed and Insured
The professionals who work for this roofing contractor Massachusetts are licensed, bonded, insured and have workers compensation coverage. That means that if there is a mishap, which is very unlikely to happen, the customer is not liable. Too many fly by night roofers are not insured. If something happens to the worker, the roof is not only not fixed, but the customer has to pay someone else’s medical bills.

They are Full-Time Roofers
The professionals at South Shore are full-time roofers who are skilled in the installation and repair of nearly any sort of roof whether they be sloped or flat, asphalt shingle or tile. They are happy to help draw up and sign a written and detailed contract so very little is left to chance during the roofing job.

The workers are efficient and tidy, and in most cases the family won’t need to leave their home while the work is being done. At the end, they clean up after themselves, and the only sign that they’ve been on the premises is the new, waterproof roof.

Though some homeowners think they can repair or replace their roof themselves and save money, climbing up on the roof is an unnecessary risk. It’s best to call a licensed roofing professional such as South Shore Roofing to have the job done safely and thoroughly.

Replacing an entire roof
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