Speed Internet faster network extremely simple

Speed Internet, faster network extremely simple !

Not everyone knows that the Windows operating system, Microsoft has always reserves 20% of available bandwidth for those purposes as Windows Update or control the use of computers. This is a mode where you can remove and use the entire bandwidth storage mode to speed up your Internet, so you are only using a minimum 80% of the network bandwidth to run through the windows. So what tips can help us use the maximum amount of bandwidth offered.

Speed Internet faster network extremely simple

Up speed internet, in network faster : The ads will get you a lot of bandwidth, and sometimes it is annoying to you. Now there are a lot of lessons to share tips on how to block ads on the Internet when the user uses a web browser to surf it. Advertising is also a reason why the speed of your website visitors become slower. Going along with that reason, there are many software and support utilities blocking ads on your web browser developed as AdBlock or AdFender … And most often use AdBlock users to block ads when visiting website.

The following are tips that you can refer to self-improve network speed of yourselves :

  • Restart the device to not occur problems or bugs hanging ( modem, Acess Point , router …. )
  • Use the software support (you can find on the net as cFosSpeed )
  • Or the simplest installation you can manually edit system configuration.

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Speed Internet faster network extremely simple
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